Monday, April 14, 2014


Play it smart,

Don't let the feelings take control.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where are my perks?

After last night, WHAT A RELIEVE!


But again, WHAT THE HECK?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post relieve, I'm back.

Guess what, I'm back to blogging! Suddenly I just feel like typing my thoughts and feelings out, again. Probably because I'm not used to sharing my feelings to others. Or probably because no one has given me the comfort to share it out, yet.

Anyway, life has been pretty fair to me. Surviving through all obstacles in life, slowly.

My education has been pretty good, surviving it with decent grades. I should thank God that I'm still surviving knowing how weak I am in education. I'm just more on a practical side.

Yeap, no girl yet. Sometimes I wonder why the people around me are being quite pushy about me finding a girl?

Honestly, I would go after a girl if I'm interested but I just haven't found any yet.

Well, I'm actually into a girl whom I've met in a party. After knowing her a little, she's pretty different from quite a number of girls I've known. She's actually pretty interesting. And I got her number, yay! Sadly, there's always a 'but'.

Recently, I went for a drink with a few friends including the host of the party that night I met the girl. I found out that they've been seeing each other lately, can't really confirm their status though.

I honestly don't know what to feel but to keep myself straight and be neutral about it. Thankfully I didn't put my hopes high on it but sometimes when the feeling comes, it is way beyond our control. I really don't know what to do but let's just hope for the best.

Out at 5 a.m.
Good night.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What do you see now about your past?

Dark or light?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's funny when my
heart beats really fast
when i'm chatting with you.
I can be really weird at times.
Lost in thoughts and dreams.

It is not easy being a human that has to go through shits around.
Living in denial.

I can look strong from the outside,
what about the inside?

I'm not that weak after all
but there is a limit to everything

Sometimes or perhaps most of the times I
really don't know what to do.

Moving on is just a simple sentence
but definitely ain't easy at all.

Things i've gone through in my life,
thing i've lost.

Lost the people that I loved dearly.


Those time are definitely over.

Not that I gave up on finding them back again,
I just don't want to let it ruin my life.

I managed to go through life without them.
Weren't easy at all but heck yea.

We can't just erase people that's been
with us since an infant.


Back to what I wanted
to write about.

Life has been fairly good to me.
Totally thank God for that!

The main topic is actually about
a girl.

I am so in love with her that I
always thought about her every day and night.

It's been for close to 2 years?

Our status?

Don't ask.

We actually didn't contact for about a year
due to some emotional times we used to had.

Finally we kept in touch,
honestly it was pretty awkward.

But the feelings for her still remain
though it has been quite sometime.

Things are pretty smooth
I guess?

I actually don't know if our stories continue
or it ends here.

I am confuse.



I obviously wish to be with her,
but time will tell.

And I wouldn't want to
use force for us to be together
or not.

But as I grow, I control my
emotions way better than before.

Effect of growing up eh?

Anyway people,
you may want them to be with you.

But if they don't want,don't force.
Forcing won't prove anything.

You may not give up,
but there are limits you know.

Don't kill yourself over this,
you still have your own life to go on.

Your on happy live to move along!


P.S. Dear you, 
I do really want to talk to you
but I just don't know how.
Silly me right?

P.S.S. I miss you alot!  =(

P.S.S.S. Remember to start 
your day with a smile!  =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Yeah, I used to have this anger problem.
But I've managed it pretty well already.

Dear you,
You know who you are.
I don't know if you really don't care,
or you're letting your ego to overshadow yourself,
OR you're just lying to yourself.
Wake up please?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been skipping breakfast for days.
That is damn unhealthy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

So hard to get her off my mind.
I'm still stupid enough to hope things work out between us.

So called moving on eh?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I guess it's time to look for 
another fish in the wide sea?

No point clinging onto a fish
 that is impossible to catch?

Tried waiting, was hoping for a miracle.
But, nothing happened.

Patient won't do anything I guess,
 I don't even know what's her feeling for me now.

Moreover, it's been far too long.

Anyway, few of my friends tried to 
match make me with this girl.

I find her pretty adorable,
sweet and sociable.

Can't really describe more about her though,
barely even know her.


I think it is time to move on.

Love can be really confusing.
One side, you would do anything to be with her but I hate forcing.
On the other side, waiting is pointless because you don't know what is her feeling for you.

Perhaps, just move on?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Currently in love with this song...



Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is what my friends thinks I need now

Asked them to change the group name and some JACKoon changed it to...

Very sweet of them right...

Friday, March 30, 2012






Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're currently in an awkward terms.

I don't want to ignore you but
there's a reason why I try not to start a conversation with you.

I just want to keep myself away from thinking too much about us.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life's been decently good I guess?

After the incident,
I actually managed to handle my emotion!

One point to that!

And yea I do feel down at times but
i'll try not to let it stop me from going on with my life.

It don't mean if we're not close anymore means we don't care.
We care because we just can't help it.

Anyway people!
Don't be led down by some emotional incident.

If it's for you, it's for you.
Else, just wait! It'll come!


Though you might really really like them a lot,
some things can't be forced.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Adventure of Marcia

I haven't really talk about my dog in this blog right?

My family kinda bought a puppy and she's been with us for about 7 months now.

Her name, Marcia. =)

This was when we first brought her back. She was so terrified, she hid under the cupboard!

This was after a few days.

That's uhm, her size. I was hoping for a bigger one because I like big dogs...=|

This is her...compound?

Sometimes when she gets naughty, I kinda erm...punish her this way? This is not an animal abuse okay! She wasn't hurt! In fact, she looks really comfortable there! O.O

Kinda lucky that I managed to capture this picture! Adorable much? =)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The lighting and the focus! And it's a compact camera! ;)

Just look at her size T.T. That Golden Retriever belongs to my uncle and that little one is my...

...hero? But I still love her lots! =)

Her size might look normal now but as she grow, she grows longer instead. And that short legs. She's like a sausage dog! But still super athletic!

Oh yeah, she went hiking when she was only like 3 months old!

Dogs day out! She's 5 month old that time.

Adorable aight!

Let me show you some of her sleeping postures!

She looks really cute here right?! But...

...Not This...

And definitely not this!


This was her day out at Desa Park City, look how much fun she had!

Lots of people are jealous of her huge ears, d'awwww! =P

She's sleeping like a boss! That's my blanket and pillow, give me back you bitch! =P

If you ever wonder what breed she is, she's a mix Yorkshire Terrier and Schnaunzer.
People call em' Snorkie!

Anyway, that's about it!

Good night!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Went Taman Desa Park today for basketball,
too bad the lights were off so Michelle and I decided to jog.

Jog for a round 
and later sprint another round 
and later jog another 
and after that I went punctured.


Anyway it was one chilly night!
Loves the gang but not all were there.

Right time to actually chill out because it calms me from life.


And someone commented about me being too loyal.


Hehe =)

Carolyn and Michelle, the emo gang =P

Jack, the smoker. If you know him, encourage him to stop smoking kay? =D

Daniel, the horniest guy in the gang. Beware people! =)

Me? On the right =)

Michelle was changing in my car and sweet enough to give me her jeans but unfortunately I can't fit.

Anyway, it was a nice night out.

Nothing much though but

it was something to cool myself down.


Night people!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Someone save me from Multimedia programming! T.T

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't know what to feel...

But yea, it certainly lightened me.


What's next?

I'm 15 minutes late and my eyes are still closing.


Good Morning.


I saw this in a picture today in Facebook,
'Sometimes, a hug is all you need to make you feel better.'.

And i'm giving away free hugs! =)

And only applicable to ladies! =D