Saturday, November 24, 2007

Something expected finally came !

Its not bout my dream stuff or what but problem with a girl whom I don't really want to mention her name . This problem starts few years ago , and its still not solved or forgotten . Actually this problem is already forgotten by all of us except the opposite site , when we stop already , she keep on attacking us with her BAZOOKA . BOOM thats a loud sound there ! We didn't realise she's been blogging bout us for the past few years .

So the WAR has started from a photo comment at friendster . Actually my group are people who likes to joke around but somehow this fella always don't get our joke and take things seriously . So thats how the WAR starts and I don't think theres an ending .

For you guys knowing , every human has something similar you know , always think that they are right . But this girl attitude , behavior is way stronger than anyone I know , WOW ! This girl keep thinking she's right in every way ! Oh my gosh i don't know who can stand her ? Ive told her everyone will be blind in this matter , right or wrong we can't see , only God can show us the truth not human being .

Well its not easy keeping myself shut , I told her if she want it to be forgotten just keep quiet will solve the problem slowly blindly . But she keep blogging that she's right no matter what ! So I told myself , shut up don't care bout this girl . She say how can we live in this sick and carefree life as for my reply is , I LOVE MY SICK AND CAREFREE life cause I really do =D . Well , i'm still enjoying my life man ! It worth living . Having such friends that always be there whenever you are ! We can do much just to tell her errors , but we can just keep quiet and see what happens next . =D STAY TUNE =D hehe

Anyway its late already , I need to have a good nice rest for the next morning so TATAZ =D

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello !

Hello to all readers ,

Well today im gonna start a blog where i express my fun in it ! First of all i wan to introduce myself , im Samuel , im 15 years old ( 2007 ) , well u guys can call me Sam .