Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Didn't really watch nicely before that so I've started watching it again today around 1am. This story is pretty interesting. The first chapter is already great and the continue is better. Now this story is about Prince Caspian. His father is a king and was killed by his uncle without his knowing, so it means he will be the next King of Telmarine.
After his uncle's wife born out a baby boy, his uncle planned to kill Prince Caspian to take his throne. He managed to escape with his teacher's help. While escaping, his teacher gave him a horn and told him to blow when he is in deep trouble.

He ran and ran in the woods. Then he met some Narnians and the Narnians thought he wanted to kill them so his last chance is to blow the horn. He blew the horn and fainted. Then the Narnians wondering why is he running away from the other Telmarines? The Narnians then brought him to their shelter. He then woke up and plan went out of the house. The Telmarines soldier saw him and ran he then.
One of the Narnians got caught by the Telmarines. He was then brought to the castle and were command to be drowned in the river. He was saved by the Kings and Queens of Narnia.
They then make their journey to find the rest of the Narnians and also Prince Caspian.
Later, they met up with the rest of the Narnians at their base.
They planned to attack the Telmarines at midnight but it was a big failure.

Only a few escape. They were all disappointed. After the Telmarines finished building the bridge, they gather their soldies across the river to fight against the Narnians. High King Peter plan to delay the fight and ask Queen Lucy to find Aslan while King Edmund negotiating about the King versus King battle.
King Telmarine lost to King Narnia, the King of Telmarine wanted to give up but his own men actually killed him using the arrow that belongs to the Narnians and blame the Narnians for the death of their King.
They were losing at first but later the rest of the Narnians that got woke up by Aslan came to help. The Telmarines planned to lure them to the bridges to destroy them but as soon when they reached the brigde, Aslan and Queen Lucy were there.
The Telmarines lost in the battle, those soldier who surrendered will be spared. Later they celebrated the arrival of the new King of Telmarine. Aslan then gathered everyone and told them that they were actually from the same world as those Kings and Queens of Narnia.

Later, those who wants to go back to their world will be spared a new great life. The story ends with the Kings and Queens of Narnia back to their real world.

The end.

Overall its a pretty nice story, great adventures although some part can be boring.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

August Rush

This story is about a boy who has great sense of music. His parents actually didn't really know about his existence.

His parents had sex after their music performance on the roof top and then was separated.
Later after a few months, his mom and his grandpa fought at a restaurant. Then his mom got pissed and ran out of the restaurant and met an accident. Later his mom was brought to the hospital. Then he was born and got sent off by his grandpa.

After 12 years, I think. He ran away from the orphanage and went to the city. Then he followed one boy from streets to a shelter where a man store all the homeless kids there. After day, he was still awake so he get off his bed and started tapping the guitar. The sound were great! The man got up and was really shocked because that man knows that the boy never play any instrument before but he is playing like a pro!

That man later brought him to the streets to earn some money. After earning, he head back to the shelter spot. Police then came to arrest those kids and that man especially. He manage to ran away at that very moment and went into a church.

At that very moment too, the church were having their song rehearsal and he got amazed by them. He then met a small African-American girl and slept overnight under her bed. Early in the morning, he saw the girl played the piano and he asked the girl to teach him how to read notes. He then learn very fast. He was sent to a music school. He also created his own song and his song will be played infront of thousands of people. The principle of that school were shocked because no one at the first year of that school and especially at his age can create their own song.

While they were rehearsing his song, the man took him away because he actually wanted to earn through his skills. That man then brought him to the park and made a phone call. Then his father came to him to try his guitar. At the time, they still don't know that they were related. His father were amazed with his skills. And they left then after that man called him.

During the concert, his parents met each another there and also they finally met their son. Overall, its quite a touching story. Its superb. The music is also great. And thats the end.

The end.

P.S : If you want this movie, you can ask me. I got the DVD here.

Sony Cybershot DSC-T77/P

Brother's girlfriend Anne bought a new camera. Sony Cybershot DSC-T77/P worth RM 1.1k. The camera is pink in colour and its super slim! Its full HD touch screen and HD pictures snapping. I love the super close-up macro mode! It rocks! Now i'm starting to like Sony Cybershot instead of Panasonic Lumix. The features and everything is totally great! It also have a feature there is auto-take smiley faces. You no need to press any shutter, as long as you smile it will auto take your picture. Cool right!

Overall, I felt in love with this camera! Was hoping I would get 1 myself too. But too bad its abit pricey. Ain't working yet Hehe

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blasted sounds!

I really fall in love with my house sound system!

It rocks my house like mad!

Recorded some part of the music too! Hehe.

Thats it!

Stay tune guys! Hehe.

Lose and dare!

Oh gosh! After the futsal tournament, we all went straight back home with my sister's boyfriend together. After showering we start having our suppers then had a little chat about the tournament that day. While chatting, we started to eat some snacks. Later we decided to play Jingga. Losers have to do some dare given by the other survivors.

Gosh! I was pretty much sad because I lost the first game. Now I will have to perform some CPR but we have to wait for the second loser that is my sister! It was a total hilarious performance.

CPR performance!

It was totally fun and I almost freak out but luckily I didn't freak out at all. At the third round, I lost again! Gosh! Now my siblings and Andy dare me to date Grace Chin out for a day. Man! Why me! Anyway Aeron was a total clown! He miss called my phone, then they use my phone to call him back to get Grace's number. When he picked up the phone, he started asking "Why you like me is it?" Oh my gosh! He dared to say that although he got a girlfriend already. Then my eldest brother say no I don't like you, and he replied "Ask the twins they like me anot?" Gosh! That was hilarious!

Later we continued our game. While playing, he smsed my brother's phone and say "Here is Grace number **********, if ah ho fail then ask him to call me. I will gay-date him" Shit! That was so gay! Man! Who on earth would say that! He!

Continue with the fourth round. Andy lost in that round and his dare is to call uncle Thomas and say ''I love you". Haha. Here is the video of him calling his uncle.

Man! He is changing his topic!

Later we continue with the fifth round that is the last round for that night. Guess what, my twin brother lost and he has to call Chia Seng for a date. It was really funny because he was like gasping for breath when he is asking her out for a date. Haha! All of us just can't stop laughing seeing him talking to her! Hehe.

Here is the video of my twin losing! Hehe.

Here are some pictures of us all.

After the game, I started drawing some smiley face at the back of the underwear's for the retiring teacher. It was actually a total last minute. My mistake. Hehe.

Hope they like it.

Thats it.

Stay tune readers