Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The crazy sister story continues!

Let me upload more pictures of my crazy sister cam whoring.


Double the OH MY GOSH!

Ok-ok, lets triple the OH MY GOSH together ok? Ready? OH MY GOSH! Hehe....

OK! This would be the last picture for me to upload. GOSH! This picture freaks me out! Hehe. Ok lets cut the crap and continue the interesting post about her.

To those who knew her for quite a long time ago, i'm sure you know that my sister is really chubby last time rigth? She is so cute! She is like a ROUND BALL! Her cheeks are like, SOFT JELLY. So nice to pinch her cute cheek. She was once our family DBKL queen. Incase if you are wondering what do we mean by DBKL, it means a person who can really eat alot! GOSH! But too bad, after she got a high fever, she slim down already. I'm sure my parents would thank God cause she is sexy now and not only sexy, she is not a DBKL anymore! Can save more money already! Haha. Hey but I don't think my parents can save more money because when she slim down, she got to buy more new clothes cause her old XXL clothes is too big for her! Hehe.

My sister got her own cupboard and her cupboard is as big as my twin brother and my cupboard. We are kinda jealous of her because her cupboard is filled up with all her clothes and our cupboard is not even filled up completely. Wow! Haha. she got more clothes than both of us! Imagine, a person got 2 phone whereas a twin got only 1 phone! Hehe.

Oh yeah! Another thing. If you are eating with her, please becareful. Because when your food reach you, she can just stare at your food and say "can I try?" and when she says that, she is actually not trying but helping you to finish it faster. Hehe, i'm her brother so I actually kinda know about all this! hehe

Oh yeah, I got more about her cam whoring thingy. When she act cute while cam whoring, you can vomit out your blood! Because she is a tomboy and imagine a tomboy acting cute while cam whoring. BLUEK! Hehe

Got nothing much about her already, will post another post about her if i find anything interesting about her ok! hehe

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My crazy sister

Since my sister is making a fool out of me, I will make a little fool out of her too. xD. Let me introduce my crazy sister to all of you. Her name is Rebecca Tan Jin Vern, she is eighteen this year. She loves to cam whore. She is a cam whore queen already! She is pretty, pretty ugly =D hehe just kidding. She's not bad actually, but guys, don't put your eyes all over her or else I will give you a trademark at your eyes =D. hehe. She's loves hanging out with friends. She can be fierce at times, worst than T-rex. hehe. She can be cute at times too. But don't let her get too horny ok! She looks like ghost when she hasn't get enough sleep.

She is fair, after puting lotions. Her skin is soft too and smooth skin complection, after bathing and pasting lotion all over herself. She can be emo at times and beware when she is emo, because she can just cruch you off into bits-and pieces, like potato chips. xD. Her hair is kinda nice, after she dye her hair.

She is also kinda short. Shorter than my mom! hehe. And she is the shortest in my family, exclude my grandmom ok! hehe. She can be sweet at times that really makes you feel nice but when she is in a bad mood, you better not be near her.

Guys with great camera's, please hide your camera before she take it and cam whore with it! This is wat happen if you let her have your camera or your camera phone. There goes my camera phone when I just got it. hehe. Beware, if you let her have your camera, she can fill 3/4 of your camera memory card full of her pictures. hehe.

A piece of marital advice if you are bringing your camera around her, hide your camera before she spot it!

Its getting late now, have nothing much to type already but stay tune, I will update this topic as soon as possible if I got anything hilarious about her. xD

The HoleLy hole.

This HoleLY hole has cause my family a big time! Especially the boys!

And because of that, the guys have to shower outside the house like this! Hehe. xD


Well, as I written in my previous post. I start blogging because my siblings asked me too. After finish blogging, my sister read my post and laugh out really loud! Ish! Haha. just coulnd't resist the funny english of mine huh. xD. Well, please improve my english readers, will appreciate your help. =D

Robert's birthday at 1U

Actually I was suppose to overnight at Anne's place just to go for cycling but too bad the plan was cancelled so I have decided to overnight at Dorcas's place. After leaving church, Dorcas's family brought me and my sister for supper at Burger King. Yum Yum. Later, we headed to Dorcas's house. After I reached their place, Matthew asked me to play DotA with him, so I just accept his invitation. Well trashed him like crazy. Haha. He told me that he want to play again with me against computers but not against me. But that time I was too tired and lazy to play because their laptop is so slow. Hehe forgive me for saying that. So I told him I wanted to sleep already since we got to wake up at 7am. So I went up to his room and lie on the bed. I just couldn't sleep. Not sure why, so I went down again to see him play his game. He was like so excited about his game and you should see him when he lose, his reaction is so funny. Wish i could snap some shots and pose it here. So i watched him play until like 5-6am in the morning. Gosh I only have 1-2 hours of sleep. Crap. Later when I went up to his room again, I still couldn't sleep, so I decided to listen to some sweet song. That makes me feel really sleepy so I just closed my eyes and sleep. Later Matthew came in and stare and me, I woke up because I was feeling weird. I wanted to scare him by pretending i'm sleeping and then BOO him but when I closed my eyes, I suddenly felt asleep. Yawn! Haha!

Later my phone alarm rang at 7am. I was too tired to wake up so I just stop the alarm and go back to sleep. After a few minutes, I finally woke up and take a short shower. Later Matthew's alarm clock rang. He woke up shockly and faster off the alarm and go back to sleep. Lazy him. Then later on his phone alarm rang. He was like so blur finding his phone. Then he off his phone alarm and go back to sleep again. Lol. After that, I woke him up and he finally wake up. At last! Hehe. I told him to pack his clothes because we are going swimming at Christopher Yoong new condominium. Gosh that place was a beauty! Hehe. Finally I went swimming again after a year. Hey, I still got my skills haha but I slowed down already. Well, the swimming was fun and thanks Chris for the time. Later we went up and prepare ourselves for Robert's birthday celebration at 1U.

We are suppose to meet everyone who is invited at 1U Mcd around 12-1pm but, alot of them came late. Nevermind, typical Malaysian's. Always late. Haha. After gathering everyone there, we decided to have our meal at Burger King again. After that we headed to the batting cage to play batting and some dare games. After we reached there, we split into 2 teams. The first team decided to take the strong fellows hehe there is Aaron, Robert, Simon, Samuel Chin, Camille, Racheal and Matthew. And my team is Jensen, my sister, Dorcas, Esther, my youngest cousin brother Benjamin, my twin brother Daniel and I. Each team were given 15 minutes to bat and teams that got the most hit wins. My team manage to trash the first team by leading 9 points ahead. WoooHooo! But too bad there is no prize for us. Then we head on to the dare game, its a fun game and a scary game too. We will use UNO cards to decide who is the loser and the loser will pick one of the dare written by all of us in a piece of paper. Well, I wasn't lucky enough although i didn't lose. Samuel Chin was dared to hug and kiss a person with the same gender and he chose me. It was really GROSS! I almost freak out but I manage to control myself. Then later my cousin brother Benjamin lose and he was dared to touch the club owner's beard. He then headed out to find him. The owner saw him and was feeling weird with Benjamin's weird face. Then my cousin say "Its just a game, don't worry" and quickly he touch the owner's beard. We all laugh like crazy while other peeps were staring at us. Then quickly my cousin run back in the tent. Later the owner came in the tent and pushed my cousin's head for doing that. Hehe, lets cut the game and go on because its gonna be long.

Later we celebrate Robert's birthday. After all the singing and eating, we headed to the cage to throw some balls. After about 30 minutes, all of us headed home to prepare for basketball at Bukit Jalil. I was really exhausted and I slept in the car while Dorcas driving. Pity her huh, hehe. Later when we reached home, I headed to the toilet to take some shower. I actually invited Hung Chiek to Bukit Jalil but too bad he got no transport there. Haihz. I was hoping that my twin will go back home and pack some clothes for me to play basketball because I ran out of extra clean clothes. Unfortunelately he didn't make it home so I hafto wear my 'not so clean' clothes after basketball. After that, my family headed home and thats it. Although its been a tiring day but its been great day!

I'm back!

Its been almost a year I didn't touch my blog, well I'm gonna start blogging again since my sister and my eldest brother asked me to. The reason they ask me to start blogging because my english was horrible, its like worst than crap although i'm more to english educated but my english still sucks to the max. Well, i'm trying deeply to improve my english but too bad, it didn't improve tremendously. Please do correct me if my spelling is wrong because I got alot of spelling errors and oh yeah, my grammar errors too. But i'm still learning and i'm not afraid because no ones english is perfect. Hehe. Well i'm gonna post another post about Robert's birthday next.