Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fried rice!

Service ended late today so my parents decided not to go out for supper. I followed my eldest brother home while my dad have to fetch my sister from her Segi College prom at Kota Damansara. Reached home around 11.30 pm. Since we got nothing to eat, we decided to cook our own fried rice. My fried rice contain oyster sauce, mayonnaise, chicken sauce, egg, crab meat, rice(obviously!) and honey!

My fried rice tasted great! Haha.
My fried rice.

After eating, my parents called just to asked us whether we want to go out for supper. Was quite disappointed with them because after so long they only decided to eat outside. Anyway, nevermind about that. At least I enjoyed my fried rice! Haha!


My twin and my shoes were old, worn, spoiled! So my mom decided to buy us a new pair of shoe. We went to Amcorp Mall together with my aunt and cousins. Then we just walked around the mall and finally we manage to get ourselves a new pair of sneakers!
NEC sneakers.
My twin and my sneakers.

Really thankful to my mom for buying this sneakers for us as a early Christmas gift. Haha.

Brother day care!

I'm sure most of you guys heard the movie title Daddy Day Care right? For me, its Brother Day Care. On last Monday, my cousin called me and asked my twin and I to shop together with them. Met them at Mid Valley around 1 pm. We then walked around the mall, my aunt bought a memory card reader and a new wallet for my twin. I couldn't decide what to buy yet. After that, we headed to the lower ground floor to try the XXL Crispy Chicken. It was delicious! Better than KFC.

While eating, my dad called me to inform me that he is bringing my another cousins to Mid Valley. They met us at the lower ground floor, but we were still eating so my dad bring my other cousins to Mcdonalds. Later my aunt says she want to go home already but before leaving, she wants to greed my grand uncle and cousins first just to respect them. Then we all headed to Mcdonalds, then she just said hi and done. Later, my dad offered my cousin that came with my aunt a few ice cream. Bought it and done, then they left the place. After my cousins finish eating, they were bored so they run around the excalator. My gosh! Was kinda hard to take care of them! Then I told my dad that my twin and I will be bringing them to Carrefour for a walk.

They were hyperactive! Their hands just can't stop molesting stuffs there! After for about half an hour, my dad called to meet up with us and later on we headed to Jusco. Manage to snap a few pictures with them.
My cousins.
My cousins and I.

Later we just head home. My brothers were to lazy to take care of them so I will have to do the job. Its not easy taking care of them! We had fun tho it was quite tiring. After a few hours, my eldest brother fetch them home. At that very moment, I felt too tired to play some sports already so I've decided not to play sports at Bukit Jalil but to walk around there to catch some fresh air.

When we reached there, uncle James suddenly shouted at me saying that her daughter is there. I was so shocked! Because i'm already lack of energy. When I walked towards where uncle James pointed where her daughter is, I saw cute baby Timothy there. I actually had fun taking care of them. Another kids to babysit! Haha. After everyone finish their games, I carried baby Timothy to his dad, later his pampers overflow on me! Gosh! I didn't bring any extra clothes! So I headed to the bowling alley toilet to wash my shirt and dry it with the hand dryer. Later we just head home.

It was a pretty tiring day. At the mean time, it was also a fun day too!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wondering why would people like to judge others immature? Why would they like to judge another people childish? Why would they like to judge another people annoying? First of all, who are we to judge another people? Why judging them if we haven't even look at ourselves yet? I don't know why some judge others immature like as if they know what maturity means and as if they are like so mature! Mature means emotionally undeveloped, juvenile, not fully grown mentally and also childish.

Anyway, bare in mind kids, we are no one to judge others. Only our dearest God can judge us and them. So, STOP JUDGING PEOPLE!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Warning to some of the idiots from my school.

To this idiot, I appreciate that you just wanted to help out for any stupid situation. But, don't be too busybody. Come in when the time is right! Because, when you got scolded by us because of your stupid busybody act, you became sensitive and start your bloody tears and angry emotion and start cursing us. Come on, sometimes its not for you to simply come into our shoes you know! What the heck is wrong with you! You think you are so right is it? Well, what the heck. Don't think you are always right. No one is always right on earth you idiot! Sometimes its better to keep your damn bloody mouth shut and stop becoming a busybody.

Now, to the other idiots. Referring to many! Just because a girl friend of you guys lost some SPBT books, you start blaming an innocent person like my twin. We've been treating you guys nicely for the past 4 your and this is how you repay? By blaming others like my twin? Suck it up guys! I know that you guys purposely do it because a very old friend of mine told us that you guys asked him to use my twin as a culprit! You guys haven't try us right? Bring it on you bloody weaklings! You guys are just acting like a damn bloody fools! Childish idiots! If you guys do that again, no matter what, I will bash your arses up until you guys end up in a damn bloody Hospital. Nevermind, you guys will reap what you sow you idiots!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feels like daddy to me!

My family usually goes to church every Sunday morning. After service, we usually go out together with my cousin's family and uncle James family. By chance, we will meet other family too like uncle Vincent's family.

Today, my dad decided to eat at Pearl Point food court. After we reach there, we start ordering and wait for our food and drinks. After meal, my dad, my eldest brother, uncle Loh and uncle James have a little chat about their works. At that mean time, my cousin and my other siblings will play with baby Elizabeth.

At that time my mom was carrying baby Rachael. Baby Rachael is only around 2 months old.
Baby Rachael Tan.
Top view.

Later, my twin brother wants to carry her, then my mom told him to becareful and hand her to my twin. Later, baby Rachael cried and my twin panic. He didn't know what to do, then he hand her over to me. Later, I just tap her for awhile and she stop crying and goes to sleep. My mom, twin and I was shocked. Haha.
Me carrying baby Rachael.

I felt like a dad that time! After a few moment, my aunt came because she wants to carry her. Hand her to my aunt. Aww. No more daddy feeling! Haha. Then her daughter Michelle wants to carry her so my aunt pass baby Rachael to her. After a few minutes, baby Rachael cried again. Then she also panic and pass it back to me again. Then I just tap her for awhile and she stop crying again and go back to sleep.
Me carrying baby Rachael again.

I felt like a daddy again! Its so nice to have this kinda feeling! Later, she just enjoy herself while i'm carrying her. After a few minutes, her dad wants to go home already because aunt Lynn were kinda tired.

Then later we all just head home too.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dorcas is no more attractive!
She is a big bully!
Keep bullying small boy!
Not missing you at all!
Dorcas tummy is Pa Nin wei!

My house sound system

Finally we fix the speakers together but we have to throw 2 speakers away because it was too lauzy!

The new set up!

The sound system rocks! It produces great and blasting sounds! Really enjoy the sound.
Stay tuned readers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Blasting speakers?

My dad found another 2 of our old big KenWood speakers, and he plans to add it with our mini amplifier. Gosh! Now my house mini amplifier got 8 speakers with 1 subwoofer, too bad there were all different in colour or else it would look like a set of home threatre.

Well, we are gonna set the 2 KenWood speakers after my mom leave to work.
Will post about the sound system later ok?
Stay tuned.

What am I?

What am I? A chinese?
I'm like the OCBC=Orang Cina Bukan Cina.
Translation=Chinese people who is not chinese.
I'm a Hokkien chinese but I can't even talk in Hokkien because I don't understand them.
Mandarin is like the primary language used by Chinese citizen but I can't even talk in Mandarin.
My Cantonese already sucks!
Same goes to my English.
So, what am I?
A stone age man?
Oh gosh!

What am I doing at home?

What am I doing at home?

And i'm sure you readers know what this means right?

I'm sure you all know what am I doing already.

Hang out?

Anyone wants to hang out? I'm too bored at home already!
If anyone got plan, please include me.

Who am i?

Its hard to see myself, sometimes i'm really confuse about who i'm really am.
Some say that i'm a crappy friend and some say i'm cool.
That didn't really bother me but something else is bothering me.
I was a really happy boy last time with all the friends i've got.
I'm so close to my friends till I even share my secrets to them.
Now, is it who am i or who are they?
I felt left out most of the times,
I felt being used too.
Sometimes I wish they could appreciate me for what i've done for them.
Sometimes I just wish someone can just understand me.
My parents understand most of my part, am really glad because they were the best most of the time.
Same goes to my siblings.
They even know who I truly love.
Well, really glad that they supported me about this matter.
But sometimes people fail.
Was quite sad about it for few months but by Grace i'm better now although I can be emo at times.
A few of my friends only know about this problem of mine.
And I really want to thank them for cheering me up.
Appreciate them!
Some of my other friends too sometimes can make me laugh although they don't know my status now.
Some complained I bullied them too much, well if you want me to be sweet to you, I can but you just need to tell me because I still don't know who you really are.
As for now, I got to get my head back to studies due to SPM next year.
I sucks in all subjects so, i'm starting tuition to buck myself up!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

School holidays

School holiday is what I actually wanted most but it sucks to faced it, i'm suffering another boredom at home. Wanted to go hang out but my friends were busy at that very moment. What a coincidence. Today was quite a boring day for me but at night, it was quite a fun night. Went out with my family together with uncle James and baby Elizabeth. As usual, we chase Elizabeth around the mall. Its fun chasing her.

Then we head down to the ground floor to try out some food. First we went to 1 restaurant to taste the fried spicy and normal fried chicken. The chicken was AWESOME! Then we head to their neighbour's shop and try their desert. I ordered a Durian Cendol, it was also awesome! Then later we bought a few loaf of charcoal bread mix with kaya from Thailand and Yam. It was the most awesome bread! Its not that cheap nor that expensive too.

Really enjoy alot tonight, later we just head home.

Mummy's birthday!

We celebrated my mom's birthday at uncle Steven Tan's place at Bangsar. My dad ordered too many dishes so we all are forced to eat more, I ate 3 bowl of rice! My gosh! Its been so long I didn't eat that much! Later we complained too full, can't add in anymore. Then my dad told us that we surely can't finish the cake. He told us to just light up the candle, blow and pack it up and bring home instead of cutting it and eat it. Sorry mummy cause I didn't snap any pictures at that hour, was too attracted with baby Rachael Tan. She is so cute! Later we took out the cake from the fridge and light up the candle, uncle James bought the Chocolate Mud cake, it was delicious! My dad was shocked because instead of packing it back home to eat, we finished it there.

Gonna upload baby Rachael Tan's picture.
When she is sleeping.

And this is when she is awake.

And her sister baby Elizabeth Tan is busy playing with my brother's handphone.

Everything went well yesterday. After the celebration, we head home with a fully packed tummy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy birthday MUMMY!

Today is my mom's birthday, haven't celebrate her birthday yet but will do very soon. This is what my family got her!
A belt.
A necklace.
Last but not least, the hair dryer that she wanted most for a long time already!

I'm so happy because she loves all the presents given. She also very happy because we get her more than 1 present.

Rayson's and Sharmayne's wedding.

I was asked by Uncle James to serve as a lift operator during Rayson and Sharmayne wedding. Agreed to serve there but it would be the last time serving as a lift operator because i'm really bored of it, next time I wanna serve as a food server, that would be more fun!
Me while preparing.
Posing at my house kitchen.
Me while operating the lift.

Was stranded in the lift for more than an hour! The wedding starts at around 2.30 pm, all of us gather up there to witness the wedding. After that we got to head back to our lift to bring those people down. After we finish bringing them, we head to the 7 floor at the carpark there to feast. The food was great except the fried rice. After feasting, I went over to big Sam and Isaac to have a little chat, then Isaac wanted to try my phone mp3, lend him then he also used my phone to snap some pictures. All the pictures uploaded below was taken by Isaac.
The 7 floor.
John and Matthew. John looks cute here!
My twin brother.
John, Michelle and Daniel, Michelle was offering an apple to my dad. Haha
My dad.

That is all he took, then we headed home after that.

Futsal shoe!

My twin and I really needs a new futsal shoe because mine was spoiled and my twin brothers shoe were too big for him, so we decided to hunt around Mid Valley for new futsal shoes.
Me leaving my house.

Was quite disappointed because we couldn't get any from there, some were too expensive for us because to buy shoe for us, the price will be times two. So we took a cab home and plan to walk around Bangsar to look for shoe at the very next day, Friday. After a few hours walking, we manage to get ourselves a shoe. Phew. Was thankful enough to get those shoe before the futsal friendly tournament.

Karaoke or movie time!

My family owned a 39 inch Samsung LCD screen and a mini amplifier. the screen is not that big nor that small but its quite ok in size for my house. This screen has been with us for almost a year I think and this screen has really filled our boring times. Not only the screen filled our time, and also our trustworthy mini amplifier. The sound system is not bad too!
The 39 Inch Samsung LCD screen.
Our trustworthy mini amplifier.

Astro is hopeless at the mean time, keep repeating the same old movie only so we usually download movies from internet and watch!
The set up.

My siblings and I will also karaoke when we were too bored and home alone. Really enjoy karaokeing with my siblings. The sound from the mini amplifier was great and the screen really gives alot of nice graphic effect from Window Media Player!

Gaming time!

My siblings and I are currently playing a game called Maple Story, its a rather childish game but still fun if we play together. The nicest part is, my home got 4 computers. 2 dekstops and 2 laptops.
These are the 2 laptops.
And these are the 2 dekstops.

This 4 computers really gives us alots of fun time! We really had fun playing game together and also we can spend our quality times together too playing instead of doing nothing at home.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Work work work!

I was offered a job by my cousin sister, Joanne and it is an event job. Firstly, she told me that the event is about games. Was quite excited with it because in my mind, I told myself that its gonna be fun. My cousin asked me to find more people, and it is near the deadline so i just manage to get 3 of my school mates and a friend from church. Didn't manage to contact some of my other friends who really wants to work too, sorry guys. We were asked to work at Mid Valley exhibition hall from 7 am to 7 pm. Later, I just found out that we are actually handling a drawing competition.

I manage to find a transport from a friend of mine, well I just need to walk for a few meters only but it was worth walking. I think its her first time working so she scared that we would be late so she told me to wait at the Kuan Ching school by 6.30 am. Before that day comes, I sleep around 2 to 3 am and woke up at 5 am. Gosh! I got not enough sleep man! Prepare myself, take a nice warm shower and get my teeth cleaned up and done. My twin brother was still sleeping like a rock! So, I waited until 5.30 am and he is still snoring on his bed! So, I woke him up and he's like so blur. Then later I told him to prepare and we left our house to Kuan Ching school about 6.15 am. The sky was still dark and it was cooling at that very moment. Enjoy walking, didn't even sweat a bit! It was great. By the time we reached there, they already arrived. Sorry cause you have to wait. Haha. I didn't know she smsed me until I check my phone in her dad's car.

Later we reached there around 6.35 am. Gosh! The place was so empty! And guess what? The guards are kinda smart, they took their opportunities to sleep on the sofa's at some shop. Gosh! They looks relaxing! Haha.
This was how empty Mid Valley is!

Later we waited for about 20 minutes and then my cousin showed up. Its been awhile I didn't see her, she was shocked when she sees both of us, tall and skinnier already compare to last time. Was quite disappointed with her because she still can't recognise me.

Later we just get our butts in the exhibition hall and wait for our boss to brief us about our part. My friends and I was asked to be a marshalls for the competition. It sounds quite interesting. Later he told us to wait at the stage there and he will come in a minute to tell us what to do. At the mean time, my cousin was asked to get two boys to help to fix the banner and arrange it around the hall, all the boys there look so skinny and weak so my cousin asked my twin and I to fix, my twin refuse to do and he asked my friend instead. So we went to the back and fix the banner, there was another two parttimer. They were so noob until they didn't even know how to fix it. So I just told them to take off the tube cover and put it in the stander and fix back the cover.

While doing, my friend and I wondering where are the two boys, they left us without saying a word man! Was kinda pissed with them, later we just arrange the banners around the hall, its a pretty much thankless job but its quite ok. Later our boss told all the marshalls to gather up and he will tell us what to do, he told us to get some equipment and find a table for us to take care. I took the equipments prepared and head towards the furthest front table. I thought that I will get the least kids since it is the furthest front but I got thirteen and I was quite jealous with 2 of my friends because they only got two to three kids! Awww!

The worst thing is, I got six notorious kids! They were a big trouble makers. The competition starts at around 10 am and the participant will be given two hours to finish their art. After an hour, I went to the wash room to get my hand cleaned up. Later, I head back to my spot, I was wondering where are those five notorious boys and am wondering too why is this boy smilling at me widely! Then later he just go underneath the table and I was wondering why is he hiding underneath the table? So I pulled the table cloth to shew him away. At that very moment, the kids suddenly just boo me and start laughing. Gosh! I was FOOLED! Then I shew all of them and placed them in their sits.

Later, one of this notorious boy cried because he wants to see his mother, then his mother came with her family and her sister was wondering why is he crying. Then her sister look at me with her shit face. I told her that he just want to see his mother, but she still stare at me with that stupid shit face. Lucky i'm on duty that time if not I would had bash her up for misjudging me! YOU LITTLE NUTHEAD!

After around thirty minutes, the six notorious kids wants to go home already, then I took my boss phone to call their parents. Later, there's only left one notorious boy. I wanted to call his parents at that time but the other kids parents came at the same time to pick up their child. So i have to give the voucher and goodie bags to them, while giving them the items, the notorious boy just ran away without my knowing. Later when I wanted to call his parents, I realise that he is missing. I was quite scared at that time because I was told if any kids is missing, we are responsible for it.

At that very moment, I made a short prayer to my God to keep him save and bring him back safely. After several minutes, he came back safely. Was thankful to my God, then I told him off and he sat down quietly. A few minutes later, his parents came to fetch him. I was really happy because all the kids in my table went away already!

Later we had our break for about 30 minutes only. Then the category B will start at around 1 pm. I was thankful enough because my table got only four kids and all the kids are well mannered. Hehe. I took a picture of a friendly boy, he is a nice guy to chat with!
I was shocked when I found out that he is a Malay!

After two hours, all the kids passed up their arts and done! My job is done! Then we were asked to rearrange the tables for the prize giving ceremony. After arranging, we were asked to sit at a spot at the right side quietly and watch the prize giving ceremony and listen to the speeches too.
The speeches was really boring as if they have nothing better to say, then my twin brother and two of my school mates went to the back to try some things prepared. Later one of my friend named Charles got into a Toyota Vios and press the horn while the Datuk gives his speech. Our bald boss scolded them and told them to get back to that spot that i've written just now and keep still. Was quite disappointed with them, at the mean time, I manage to snap some boring speeches.
At the mean time, we created a new nicknames for the two girls in the picture. One is Kuali and one more is Pan Mee. What a great combination huh? They also gave us a nickname, pity my twin brother, he got the worse! Ho Chun, means very stupid. Too bad my name is good enough for me, so they didn't manage to find some evil nickname for me. Yippie! Haha.

After the speeches, we were told to pack all the things up. So I started folding all the cloth and pack it up into a big pink cloth and tie it. After that, I helped to pack the cereals and clothes too. It was quite tiring tho. After that, we were told to line up to write our Name and IC number. While waiting, the crews there told us that we can eat the desert there, my twin quickly rush there and took some desert for me too. The desert was not bad. When its my turn to write down my name and IC number, I took out my IC number to show them, they were really shocked because in my IC, I was really plum. So I start smilling at her and wrote down my details, later we just left that place, took a cab home and done.

I did have fun with the parttimers there but not with my bald boss! He can be nice at times but he sucks most of the times, that explains his baldness!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

RIMUP event

My twin and I were asked to represent the national for the RIMUP program and we agreed to join them. The event wasn't much fun but at least I can have fun with my sacarstic friends. We have to rehearse for around 5 days before the event starts. Took the bus to the stadium as usual.
Charles and my twin brother, Daniel.

Reached the Putra Stadium around 8 am, we were the earliest there. Typical Malaysians, always late. So we get some rest around there and prepare ourselves after a short break. I manage to snap some pictures over there.
My twin brother and I after rehearsal, superb boring man!
Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Later after the rehearsal at Putra Stadium, we were requested to head ourselves to the Cheras Antarabangsa for another rehearsal. That sucks man because it is wasting our precious time! The rehearsal was suppose to start at 3 pm but we went there too early. We reach there around 12 pm, we were really pissed because no food and drinks were provided for us at that very moment so it means we have to use our cash to get some drink to rehidrate ourselves. We all didn't know what to do there so we just sit down and watch some movies from Astro. The movie was interesting, sorry I forgot the movie title already. We spend at least 2 hours watching that interesting movie, after that we headed down to the playground around there to get some fun. Was quite disappointed with the playground there because it is dirty like a shit pool. So we have to go back to the place and wait there for another hour. Finally they all came, the people there were kinda kind to us, he told us to feast first before we start our rehearsal. So after feasting we do our rehearsal and done, we reached home around 6 to 7 pm. It was an exhausting day!

Then my group plan to practise our play on Saturday.
Me walking to school for some practise.

Everything went well and the teacher was happy enough with our performance. On the very next day, I have to miss my church service because of this event. Meet up with my group at school around 11 pm and we leave to Bukit Jalil Stadium around 12 pm. The journey went well. Something that really pissed me off is, we were suppose to start at 1 pm but those ministers reached there around 2 pm, they are not puntual man! Causes us to wait for them! The event went well. I did snap some pictures there,
The abceiling stunt, too bad it is still not as cool as Mission Impossible. I think I can do better. Haha.
The drummers were great and Simon is kinda proud of them because they were from his school. Haha.

After that we just left the place early. Later we just disturb my brother while he was sleeping in the bus. My friends keep poking him when he fall asleep, later I told one Malay girl to sit beside him and I asked my friend to poke him again. Later, he got really piss, he woke up and turn to the side and he almost kiss the girl. He was shocked because he thought I was still sitting beside him, then later we had a great laugh at him and he continue sleeping.
Kautham and Sathi.
The Malay girls took my phone and camwhore with it, sweat!

We reached home quite early and we were shocked to see our school pots got smash at the floor.
This is kinda cool man! Haha.

Later we head home. At the very next few days, we have to perform again at Cheras and Putra Stadium. Didn't manage to snap some pictures in Cheras but manage to snap some pictures in Putra. After performing in Cheras, we headed to a school to take some shower, the toilet there sucks! So I told my teacher that we are gonna shower at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club. While waiting for the Malays, we create some relay for us to have fun. My friends wants to check who is the strongest there. Hehe and they were not match for me! Haha. Then we tested our speed too. I'm not really that fast but I still manage to beat most of them, did fell down once because the floor was slippery. Everyone was surprise when I fall and roll around the floor like a stunt man and got up safely without any injuries. Should thank God for that. Hehe.
He's a friend of mine since primary, a great friend to mix with and his name is Charles.

After a few hours waiting at the school, the bus arrived and we left. The teacher told me to follow him so that he could fetch us to Bukit Jalil Club to refresh ourselves. What a nice teacher. Hehe. Later on, we just had a short shower and head forward to Putra Stadium. Our performance was great and we got credits for it.
Inside Putra Stadium.
Kai Chong and I.
Sathi and I.

After waiting for a few hours, our bus arrived and we headed back to our school. We all were exhausted because of this whole day event. Was too tired until I slept in the bus.
Me sleeping in the bus.

After we reached our school, we took some group pictures before we left as a memory. Haha. Worst memory.
Group pic.

It wasn't a thankful thing to do but it was fun doing it with my friends.