Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hanging out with my cousins.

Its been awhile I didn't update my blog, was busy at the moment. My cousin really wants to hang out with me and my siblings and finally we manage to. Firstly, we are gonna meet up at my house then we will leave to the Monorail Station at Tun Sambathan. Did snap some pictures of me and my cousin leaving my house.
This is my cousin Dinah and I.
Something hilarious while walking to the Monorail Station is, we took the wrong way. We refuse to walk back again so we decided to cross through the bushes. Its kinda fun because we are like going for jungle trekking. Then, we just left Tun Sambathan to Imbi. the journey was fine. We reach there around 9 to 10 am. Upon arrival, the ladies wants to roam around Times Square to get some clothes for themselves while the boy show their boring faces to them.
Did grab some pictures of us going around Time Square.
My cousin and I again.
My cousin Michelle and I.
This is what happened to the guys there where they are suffering boredom, CAMWHORE!Forgive us, we're just too boring.

After quite sometime, we all just got hungry so we headed to the Times Square foodcourt, Too bad we were still early so many stall's was still shut that time. While waiting for our food to come, we took some of our pictures for leisure. Hehe.
I like to camwhore too actually.
My twin and I.
My nonsense cousing brother, Benjamin.
Cousin brother doing some nonsense.
The food court.
Me again camwhoring.

Later we headed to Sungei Wang. A famous shopping mall for youngsters. Hehe. My cousin desperately wants a sim card for his phone but his mom told him to buy after he got a new phone and he insist to get it that time. So he called his dad for permission and his dad let him. So young already got phone, I only got my first phone when i'm sixteen. Oh my gosh! Then later we just walk around and I took some of our pictures while shopping.
My cousin Ben and I.

Later we headed home and thats it, was kinda fun hanging out with them especially with my nonsense cousin brother Ben. He can be sarcastic most of the times which makes us laugh alot.

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