Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Karaoke or movie time!

My family owned a 39 inch Samsung LCD screen and a mini amplifier. the screen is not that big nor that small but its quite ok in size for my house. This screen has been with us for almost a year I think and this screen has really filled our boring times. Not only the screen filled our time, and also our trustworthy mini amplifier. The sound system is not bad too!
The 39 Inch Samsung LCD screen.
Our trustworthy mini amplifier.

Astro is hopeless at the mean time, keep repeating the same old movie only so we usually download movies from internet and watch!
The set up.

My siblings and I will also karaoke when we were too bored and home alone. Really enjoy karaokeing with my siblings. The sound from the mini amplifier was great and the screen really gives alot of nice graphic effect from Window Media Player!

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