Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rayson's and Sharmayne's wedding.

I was asked by Uncle James to serve as a lift operator during Rayson and Sharmayne wedding. Agreed to serve there but it would be the last time serving as a lift operator because i'm really bored of it, next time I wanna serve as a food server, that would be more fun!
Me while preparing.
Posing at my house kitchen.
Me while operating the lift.

Was stranded in the lift for more than an hour! The wedding starts at around 2.30 pm, all of us gather up there to witness the wedding. After that we got to head back to our lift to bring those people down. After we finish bringing them, we head to the 7 floor at the carpark there to feast. The food was great except the fried rice. After feasting, I went over to big Sam and Isaac to have a little chat, then Isaac wanted to try my phone mp3, lend him then he also used my phone to snap some pictures. All the pictures uploaded below was taken by Isaac.
The 7 floor.
John and Matthew. John looks cute here!
My twin brother.
John, Michelle and Daniel, Michelle was offering an apple to my dad. Haha
My dad.

That is all he took, then we headed home after that.


gracy said...

bergaya ah!lift operator!

Anonymous said...

10q 10q xD haha