Monday, November 24, 2008

Warning to some of the idiots from my school.

To this idiot, I appreciate that you just wanted to help out for any stupid situation. But, don't be too busybody. Come in when the time is right! Because, when you got scolded by us because of your stupid busybody act, you became sensitive and start your bloody tears and angry emotion and start cursing us. Come on, sometimes its not for you to simply come into our shoes you know! What the heck is wrong with you! You think you are so right is it? Well, what the heck. Don't think you are always right. No one is always right on earth you idiot! Sometimes its better to keep your damn bloody mouth shut and stop becoming a busybody.

Now, to the other idiots. Referring to many! Just because a girl friend of you guys lost some SPBT books, you start blaming an innocent person like my twin. We've been treating you guys nicely for the past 4 your and this is how you repay? By blaming others like my twin? Suck it up guys! I know that you guys purposely do it because a very old friend of mine told us that you guys asked him to use my twin as a culprit! You guys haven't try us right? Bring it on you bloody weaklings! You guys are just acting like a damn bloody fools! Childish idiots! If you guys do that again, no matter what, I will bash your arses up until you guys end up in a damn bloody Hospital. Nevermind, you guys will reap what you sow you idiots!

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