Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm so sorry!

Gosh! Don't know what happen to me! Woke up late today although I slept early yesterday. Then my throat is killing me! Having a bad sore throat. My throat was really dry at the mean time. Went to my kithen and was trying to fill my cup with warm water using water dispenser but was really pissed because the water tank were empty! Gosh! I hate this part! Grumbled all the way while changing the tank and get back to filling my cup, later on I drank the water and felt abit of relief only.

Later my grandmom came in and keep asking me questions and I was so frustrated and I shouted at her back. Was really sad after that and later after resting around half an hour on my bed, i went to her and apologize and she was so nice to me. She even bought me Coke for my throat. I felt really bad and hope she accept my apology!

All this shows how immature am I, yet still childish shit! Hope things and complains will change me. (Sad)


J@c08 said...

yeap you are not matured enough! and EMO! KAKAKAKAKA

Anonymous said...

yes i am! hehehe, teach me then =D