Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's just doesn't feel's right

We were once a family,
We were once a great pal,
We were once a greatest friends,
We usually share our very thoughts,
We usually have our great moments together,
We usually talk craps a lot.

We're not like a family,
We're not like a great pal,
I don't feel like we were great friends before,
I felt that our thoughts are history,
I felt our moments was just like once is a blissful life,
We're no longer crappers like before,
Everything starts to be more serious,
I felt like i'm being used,

All the great thing in the first paragraph looks like a history already,
just like a history lesson,
learn and forget about it after graduating.

And all the sad things in paragraph two are now a new lesson,
a new lesson for me,
a new subject,

But in my test,
all this questions won't be answered,
because i'll always remember the great moments.

For now,
i've failed my test,
am not taking it again because it hurts my heart!

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