Monday, December 29, 2008

Lose and dare!

Oh gosh! After the futsal tournament, we all went straight back home with my sister's boyfriend together. After showering we start having our suppers then had a little chat about the tournament that day. While chatting, we started to eat some snacks. Later we decided to play Jingga. Losers have to do some dare given by the other survivors.

Gosh! I was pretty much sad because I lost the first game. Now I will have to perform some CPR but we have to wait for the second loser that is my sister! It was a total hilarious performance.

CPR performance!

It was totally fun and I almost freak out but luckily I didn't freak out at all. At the third round, I lost again! Gosh! Now my siblings and Andy dare me to date Grace Chin out for a day. Man! Why me! Anyway Aeron was a total clown! He miss called my phone, then they use my phone to call him back to get Grace's number. When he picked up the phone, he started asking "Why you like me is it?" Oh my gosh! He dared to say that although he got a girlfriend already. Then my eldest brother say no I don't like you, and he replied "Ask the twins they like me anot?" Gosh! That was hilarious!

Later we continued our game. While playing, he smsed my brother's phone and say "Here is Grace number **********, if ah ho fail then ask him to call me. I will gay-date him" Shit! That was so gay! Man! Who on earth would say that! He!

Continue with the fourth round. Andy lost in that round and his dare is to call uncle Thomas and say ''I love you". Haha. Here is the video of him calling his uncle.

Man! He is changing his topic!

Later we continue with the fifth round that is the last round for that night. Guess what, my twin brother lost and he has to call Chia Seng for a date. It was really funny because he was like gasping for breath when he is asking her out for a date. Haha! All of us just can't stop laughing seeing him talking to her! Hehe.

Here is the video of my twin losing! Hehe.

Here are some pictures of us all.

After the game, I started drawing some smiley face at the back of the underwear's for the retiring teacher. It was actually a total last minute. My mistake. Hehe.

Hope they like it.

Thats it.

Stay tune readers



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