Thursday, September 24, 2009


Family and I has been modifying my mom's precious Saga. We changed the steering wheel, gear knot, handbrake knot, added LED lights into the meters, dvd player, another player and a whole sound system.

Didn't really contribute much physically on the steering wheels, gear knot, handbrake knot and LED because we sent it to the shop to fix it instead. Didn't know that it was so costly until Jon brought us to PUDU! Sheesh! =(! The things there was like at least 50-60 % cheaper! Oh GoSH!

Yesterday, we added a whole new sound system into my mom's Saga (since she wants new car, just let the sons mod the car ok? =D). Added the sound system all by ourselves, P.S. including Jon and his friend (sorry dude, forgotten whats your name). We contribute alot physically, Jon and his friend do all the wiring while my twin and I do the speakers.

Really want to thank Jon for giving us a lots of systems for our car! We only bought abit of stuffs only, =D hehe. Anyways, the whole process was really tough! BECAUSE! Our Saga never had a sound system before, IT MEANS! We have to build a new sound systems which took us 10 HOURS STRAIGHT NON-STOP FIXING UP THE SOUND SYSTEM! Didn't had the chance to rest.

We started working on it from 12 pm to 10 pm. After fixing, we headed to Mcdonalds for their famous refills, and chao! Oh yea, tested Jon's modified car and also Elizabeth's, their car is awesome! Took Jon's car to a long straight road and REV like a mad man! WoW! His car pickup was superb, I'm just not used to his sports clutch, it was super high man! Haha.

Anyways, here are some pics of the mods-

Front speaker.

Front speaker system.

Twitter! Twit twit! haha.

Whole front set.

Back speaker.

Back speaker set.

Subwoofer at the trunk of the car. (Produces great bass!)

The player, plays through CD, SD card and USB.

The DVD player, plays DVD, SD card and also USB.

The trustworthy amplifier for all sound system, works perfectly great and fine!

Second shot of the amp.

The wiring around the amp, messy huh? =D

Here are some video's showing the sound system performance. =D
Sound from interior.

Sound from exterior.

Enjoy =D.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey y'all! I'm finally back but still am busy. Was kinda freak out over my trials, I'm ain't good in my studies, just moderate but those subject that i'm really weak at really freaks me out because I totally sucked at it!

Was pretty upset when I heard I failed my add maths, paper 2 was a killer and for paper 1, I got over worried about it that I screwed shits in it! Just hate not remembering the whole formula. I always had this problem which is, I always am not confident with my answers, and thats when I screw things up!

Holiday is coming and i'm not happy, usually i'll smile widely whenever holidays is here but now, its not into me anymore. I'm just over worried bout my SPM. Gosh! I just wish I won't re-sit SPM. NEVER!

Anyways, after hearing alot of country songs, i actually felt in love with those songs. Country song is always a nice, easy-going song. Just love those songs.

Now, I just wish that i'll improve tremendously in my studies. Hope i'll build enthusiasm in me to study =)!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silents is the best!

Well I just went through 2 blogs today, one is Ernest and the other is my own twin, Daniel. Well I found a related post, bout the outing and silly pranks. Firstly, ERNEST. NOTE : I didn't even write about the whole outing and about you dude and also because of that, you owe me a box of ice cream! =P. And secondly both of you! Don't call any other peeps long winded because BOTH OF YOU ARE THE SAME!

Thirdly, who are we to judge whether any of you two are long winded or not? Fourthly, both of you could just blog about the happy moments and just shut the pissing fussy moments and let things flow rather than blogging bout it and offend both sides.

And whats with the names all? Pussy? Don't have any other better names? DUDES, no one is pussy here! You both just realise that you both are actually starting a sparks among yourselves! And since when both of you are mature? And since when you guys got the rights to call each another CHILDISH? None of you 2 are mature, including ME!

Why can't you guys just be more humble, accept the facts and humiliation ok! BOTH ALSO LONG WINDED, CHILDISH AND PUSSIES OK! P.S. including me ok =D. Anyway I'll jump straight to my point, just hush up and let everything flow ok? Let the time do the talking, not you guys!

No harsh feelings both of you, I just can't stand you 2 brethrens fighting over it! Anyways, its just a whole misunderstood and just relax ok both of you! =D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spects Spects Spects

Got my spects today right after fasting and guess my spects colour......Maroon! =D.

On the way back from PJ.
My Maroon spects ><.
Yeap, I know I look ugly with it! =( Lol, my bad!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Small updates.

Went to check my eyes again and now I confirm getting a new spectacle. ==. Choose a red coloured spectacle, hehe one of my favourite colour xD. Anyways, nothing much to talk about lately, don't know whats wrong with my blogging mood. =( Will upload pictures and caption it.
Spotted a squirrel inside the bushes while waiting for my mom and sister to church.
A little outing with my family at 1-Utama during Wesak day, my area has been owned by Chinese and Indians? Hehe.
Ate at Pizza Hut in 1-Utama, while waiting for the food, I camwhored.
Pretty pissed with their service there!
Camwhored while shopping.
Stopped by at Kluang Station for a small supper, introduced by my dad.
Again, camwhored while waiting for food, but this time at Kluang Station.
Roti with kaya and condensed milk and a cup of Ice Coffee, forgotten what coffee is that already xD.
Sleeping soundly?
Pretty pissed with the hot weather!
Weather effect?
Main computer front casing.
Changed my mouse into a Gaming mouse.
Main computer.
Look at how messy the secondary computer is! Haha, I'm the one always cleaning the main but no one wants to clean the secondary PC.
The main pc interior.
Processor heatsink and casing fan. The fan is extra large, strong and cooling man!
Sapphire HD 4770 heatsink.
The Sapphire HD 4770.
Asus Motherboard heatsink, not bad, I like the design.
Clearer shot.
Clearer shot of the Sapphire HD 4770
Again the Sapphire HD 4770 Heatsink.
S-ATA hard disc, 80Gb as primary disc and 640Gb as secondary disc.
Front fan, large and powerful too, can feel the heat sucked by it!

Anyways, sorry for the craps and low picture quality. Currently using my phone camera for all this.

Enjoy and tataz! And good day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A better deal!

Woot woot woot! I am now a damn happy man! Firstly we've decided to buy a ATi Radeon HD 4670 512 mb GDDR3 graphics card but now we confirm buying a ATi Radeon HD 4770 512 mb GDDR5 graphics card! Its one of the newest ATi graphics card and its coming out on the early May in Malaysia! Yay!

 ATI Radeon HD 4870ATI Radeon HD 4850ATI Radeon HD 4670ATI Radeon HD 4650ATI Radeon HD 3870
Stream Processors800800320320320
Texture Units4040323216
Core Clock750MHz625MHz750MHz600MHz775MHz+
Memory Clock900MHz (3600MHz data rate) GDDR5993MHz (1986MHz data rate) GDDR3

1000MHz (2000MHz data rate) GDDR3


900MHz (1800MHz data rate) DDR3

500MHz (1000MHz data rate) DDR21125MHz (2250MHz data rate) GDDR3
Memory Bus Width256-bit256-bit128-bit128-bit256-bit
Frame Buffer512MB512MB512MB GDDR3 or 1GB DDR3512MB512MB
Transistor Count956M956M514M514M666M
Die Size260 mm2260 mm2146 mm2146 mm2190 mm2
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 55nmTSMC 55nmTSMC 55nmTSMC 55nmTSMC 55nm
MSRP Price Point$299$199$79$69$199
Current Street Price$270$170$80N/A

ATI Radeon HD 4770ATI Radeon HD 4850ATI Radeon HD 4830
Stream Processors640800640
Texture Units324032
Core Clock750MHz625MHz575MHz+
Memory Clock800MHz (3200MHz data rate) GDDR5993MHz (1986MHz data rate) GDDR3900MHz (1800MHz data rate) GDDR3
Memory Bus Width128-bit256-bit256-bit
Frame Buffer512MB512MB512MB
Transistor Count826M956M956M
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 40nmTSMC 55nmTSMC 55nm
Price Point$110$130

The table's above are most of the ATi Radeon gaming graphics card. Hahaha, tho HD 4870 looks better here in graph but HD 4770 has a technology that actually makes it so much better than HD 4870! Hehe.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A small silly updates about my dead hardware.

Sorry for not updating my blog frequently. Nothing much to type about this days. Oh yeah, I was caught by some sort of virus that caused me dead sick. Doctor gave me 3 days MC and yea I really took the opportunity to rest a lot. Felt much better now, thank God.

Anyways continue with the main topic for this post. Here is some silly pictures of how bad my graphic card is going now.

Thats how bad my graphic card is. =( Oh time! Please! Faster go pass me! I can't stand looking at this pixels! Can't stand it any longer especially on my precious main! I don't want this computer to look dead! =)