Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy holidays!

Sorry for the late wish, happy Chinese New Year and holidays readers!

Hope you enjoy throughout this whole holidays!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Went to school that morning, got to replaced my Chinese New Year holidays. Went back around 1 pm. Later my family excluding my grandmom and I went to church for fasting. Ate before that by mistake. After fasting, they came back and feast. Later we headed to Lake Titiwangsa for Zorb.

Reached there around 5.30pm, was wondering where is Wesley. Went to the remote control car track and met him there by coincidence. Snap a few pictures there.
Then came Daniel and Joanne.
Later then came my brother's and Daniel's work mates, Jimmy and Gan. We then went to the Zorb area. On the way there, we saw a group of Korean kids practising football. They are so cute!
and there goes the ZORB Ball!
After Zorbing my twin and I tried the kangaroo leg. Woah thats really hard to use if you are a first timer!
After that we camwhore awhile before leaving.
Pardon us! After that we left that place.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This kills my mood.

Today is one of the worst day ever!

Feel like killing some one.

No appetite to eat.

Vomited at least 3 days of my meal.

Conclusion, i'm really moody now.

Is it worth?

Been practising a song for someone. But i've been asking myself. Is it worth pactising? The song is easy to play at the beginning but when it comes to the end, its abit harder. But nevermind, its all the experience we need just to improve ourself. Goodness i'm going off topic now! Back to the main topic.

Had a little trouble getting the rythm at first and finally I manage to get the rythm. Its a song from Christmas Carol. This song is moderately slow. Its tempo is quite ok for me. 

After putting all my efforts just to master the song, i've been asking myself minutes after minutes after my observation. Is it worth? Or is it worth after all? Miracle is all i'm wishing for now.

What a day!

Gone through hard times, sad times and so on. Today i've just vomited two times in a row. The first vomit was not so bad but the second vomit is worst! Vomited damn alot and the yucky thing is it came out from my nose! YUCK! I was disgused. Before that I went for a Blue House training. That time I was feeling weird especially at my tummy area. Was gasping for air.

Took me awhile to walk back home and after i've reached home, I bathed and clothed up myself. after that, there goes the vomiting scene. The whole day I was suffering abnormal pain and feelings in my tummy. Slept from around 4.20-around 5.40 pm. Couldn't sleep that tight. My eyes keep on staring at my phone time.

Didn't had my dinner. Didn't had the appetite too. Now i'm just sitting infront of the laptop blogging and hoping that the pain go away.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I've not been a great student last year, always absent to school. Yes I know its a bad reputation for myself as a prefect in school but its just doesn't feels right. Some people loves school, I too at times but I just don't like it for certain reasons.

School suppose to make us feels like home but I don't get that feeling at all! I don't like some teachers there, and some students too. Some are idiots and some are bastards. At least some teachers now how much i've spend my time just to help our school to do their stuff. Its not easy for me because not all of the students in school are good in computering and I always got picked whenever theres a problem for any IT equip. Sometimes i've got scolded for nothing and also its actually not my fault.

I know the teachers suffering but try to know mine too. You guys keep calling us to do stuff until we ain't got enough time for our studies! Of cause I would rather skipped some of my school hours just to study at home!

Like this first day of schooling for the year 2009, Mrs Tehna lectured me about my hair. Yes I actually do agree with you because my hair is indeed long! Nevermind about that, I tried to bring some joy to my class so I just show some peace signs and some funny things but she didn't even warn me about being playful. Just because you hate it you must start pinching me? Excuse me, at least give us a warning first you nut! Ass Hole! Fine, after pinching I just got back to my seat and take it as if nothing has happened. 

Secondly, teachers should know that some of us might be blur during the first day of school so we might not bring any reference books. Just because of that we got one whack at the back from teacher. What the heck! At least tell us to bring tomorrow also not as bad as whacking first what!

Thirdly, i'm a prefect ok! And I need to do my duty! I was asked by my dicispline teacher to shew all the students back to their class and because of that i'm late to my own class! I've told you so many times that i'm on duty and it is my duty what! Some more want to threatened me saying you can pull my tie anytime! You little ass! Just because you are once a prefect it doesn't mean the system still stays the same now! And you can scold me for fighting back! Excuse me you little nut head! I'm just replying about my job thats why i'm late!

Felt bad, I too did play a bad role. After hearing all the testimonials, i've blamed myself for most of the part. I'm not humble yet myself, now I just wish I could change myself to make myself a better person.

Sick Sicker Sickest!

Oh my goodness! During the first day of school, i've actually already not feeling well but i've forced myself to school. After school, went to Voon Li's house to take something and back home after that. After bathing and feasting, I need to transfer pictures from Voon Li's camera to print it out for teacher.

Really hate this moment, the printer nozzle got problem so I need to spend more time cleaning the nozzle and after that reprint the pictures. After that brothers came in to the Tan Boys room and watch a movie title Wedding Crashers. After watching I straight away lay on my bed throughout the whole evening from around 4-11pm. Gosh! I didn't know that I was soo sick!

Got up and fill my tummy because it was complaining. Then back to bed. Don't really dare to tell the extra's.

On the second day, I have to skipped school because I was really sicked! Rest whole day and at night I went out to Mid Valley with someone to get her stuffs. After that we headed home.

On the third day, I also have to skipped my school again because it was getting worst and worst. Went to the clinic and the doctor told me that i've got a very bad flu! Ouch! Made a small prayer and now I felt better already and am blogging bout it now.

Today, i've listed my New Year resolution.
1. Be a better person.
2. Study harder!
3. Concentrate on my studies!
4. Make myself love to go school! (I actually hate going to my school because of some reasons which I don't really want to share it here)
5. Conclusion, change myself!

That's all.

Law test.

On 3rd of January 2009 is the worst day for my driving test experience! Woke up and left home to the Law Test at Puchong Kinrara at around 9.30am. Waited there for hours until 3-4 something due to the offline status at JPJ. So it means we can't take our test! GRRRR! Was really pissed after I heard that! Later Roger came and fetch us all. He have to stop us at Sunway Piramid because he needs to fetch the others back first only can fetch us because we are staying quite far from there.

Lazy to tell what happened there so try to imagine what happened there by refering the pictures below.

Later we headed home and straight away prepare ourselves for the futsal friendly. At least we won that game and after that we headed home for supper. After supper, called Grace out for the one-day date and phew, she accept it! Haha.

Christmas Day.

Sorry for the late post! Ok lets start, woke up around 8am to prepare ourselves for the Christmas party at my church. Reached there kinda early so we had a little practise on our guitaring. Samuel Chin, Francis Goh and Shen Long didn't make it for that day so my twin and I got to sub in to help Chia Yi and my sister. I totally suck that time because it was a total last minute!

Lets cut the story short ok? First we had our worship session, then game, after that refreshment and done. After all this, a group of us plan to hang out at Mid Valley. Thanks to my dad because he willing to fetch my twin, Hung Chiek, Gracy and I.

We reached there the earliest so we decided to have our desert at the lower ground floor while waiting for the rest.

We later then met up with Dorcas, Esther, Simon, Matthew and Daniel Lee at Gardens. Then we went somewhere at the top floor to camwhore awhile.

Bad photographer!(Gracy)

Don't ask what we were doing.

Later, we met up with my sister, Chia Yi, Christina Yoong, Yat Sin and Chloe. We then played snooker and after snooker we took a rest at Macdonalds top floor. Later after that, Hung Chiek and Gracy need to go for another church service. The rest of the group then came to our house and watched August Rush. After that, they left the place.

Day after New Year day.

Dad decided to bring us all for lunch together with my mom, later my eldest brother too want to join us so we decided to take our lunch nearby my brother's office. Whole family including Anne and Andy joined us except my grandmom.

Ordered a Shanghai Noodle

and a Cheese Tart.
My sister asked me to act gay, man! Why me!

After we left, my twin and I cut our hair and after that we prepared ourselves for the night service. After service, uncle Richard recommended us a place with great Chicken Rice.

Gang waiting for our food.
Sister and I posing.
Twin teasing me?
Posers. Hehe.
Twins posing.
Posing with Simeon.
Sweet times.
Little Simeon and I.
Mom, sister, Simeon and I.
Eldest brother, Anne, Jacob, Simeon and I.
Tan siblings, guys only.
Tan family, except Simeon and Jacob.
Simeon was kinda angry so i carried him and took a picture with him to cheer him up.

After that we left that place with full tummies.