Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it worth?

Been practising a song for someone. But i've been asking myself. Is it worth pactising? The song is easy to play at the beginning but when it comes to the end, its abit harder. But nevermind, its all the experience we need just to improve ourself. Goodness i'm going off topic now! Back to the main topic.

Had a little trouble getting the rythm at first and finally I manage to get the rythm. Its a song from Christmas Carol. This song is moderately slow. Its tempo is quite ok for me. 

After putting all my efforts just to master the song, i've been asking myself minutes after minutes after my observation. Is it worth? Or is it worth after all? Miracle is all i'm wishing for now.


J@c08 said...

is it worth? not does it worth

Anonymous said...

oooo thank u thank u