Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Day.

It wasn't a really an exciting day for me, family left me alone at home early in the morning. Dad went to Malacca and the rest went to Lake Garden. Too bad, its my fault for not waking up! They reached home around 1-2 pm and we got to prepare ourselves for baby Sarah's birthday. Reached their house around 2.30++ pm. Sorry for coming late. That day was alright. Did had some fun there. Later after few hours hanging out there we left that place and thats the only thing I did during the New Year day, pictures down.

Birthday girl! She's actually posing for me! Haha! How cute!
Moody little Beth Beth!
Anne, baby Sarah's auntie and I.
Laughing my butt out! Hehe.
Baby Rachael, I just like the way she looked at Anne! Haha!

Later I went down with Jon to wait for his friends, then he told me to go up first because he have to wait for his other friend. On the way, I took a few scenery shots. The camera Super Close-Up Macro mode was awesome!

Thats all.

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