Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday's hour.

Woke up around 7.30 am, didn't had my shower because I thought I would be back by around 10 am. The day before today, I was actually pretty scared to go to school today because I've actually left teacher's camera in the school library.

Went to school today, gosh! That teacher came earlier than I thought! I was quite scared so instead of running away, I went up to her and told her that I left the camera and will bring it back to her before 10 am. And yea I didn't say where I've left it! =D.

Then came Mrs. Sumangala, I faster ran up to her to open the library. Thank God the camera is in there and then I gave it back to my teacher without her realising! Yippie! =D. Brought my laptop up and start editing songs for Yellow House. Sorry Blue House I just don't like you anymore! ==. Although i'm in blue house now ><. Will upload the music later, helped the Yellow House out with their stuff, went for lunch at FlowerMay and back to school library. Helped them until 5.30 pm ++. Gosh! It was tiring! Slept in the library too ==. Lol. Here are today's pictures.Thats all! =P

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock the library!

Well, library should be a quiet and a peaceful place right? But in our school with my brother, friends and I around, it won't be as quiet and as peaceful as before. Keke. Yesterday we owned the library, played truth or dare game. Its really fun playing with them!

Before I left my house, I cam whore with my sister.

Later, I went for my Blue House sports, ran 400 meter in around 40-50 seconds and then left DBKL to school library and yea thanks Sadique for the ride.

Met my twin and friends in the library, then we decided to play truth or dare since we are bored to death there. Yea before the game start I did some silly things too just to bring laughter. And yes! It did work! Haha.

There is around 8 of us playing, 3 females and the rest are males. Our rule is we are not allowed to choose truth two times in a row, so it means we have to choose dare too. Well, Voon Li was the really unlucky girl who always got picked by the charming bottle =) so she did a few dares which is not that hilarious but the funny thing is the guys reaction. She was dared to hug Aravind for 5 seconds and kiss Arvin at his cheek.

Haha, Arvin freaked out that time! Later he got to go so we had Aravind to replaced him, This game is actually mainly for only form 4's and form 5's. Unlucky him he got picked right away and and Arvin end up with truth so it means he has to do Arvin's dare. His dare is to kiss Tejal's hand and there he goes!
Tejal looks sexcited wei! Haha.

Yea i'm sure some of you will be wondering what about me right? Well I only got dared once and my dare is to do a balley dance ==. Here are the 2 videos recorded by Fadzillah and my twin ==.

Fadzillah too did a few dares and one of her dare is dance like a cheerleader and do the bunny hop! Hehe that was my idea, yea I know its a boring thing to do but still it made us laugh! Hehe.

Later we left around 4 pm, after that I did some dumbbell to build my biceps and jog for 4 KM. It was pretty tiring but fun, later I just collapse on my bed till 11.30 pm because I need to book court and so on. Slept back around 1-2 am and thats a day for me =).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Double pose!

Got up at around 6.20 am, looked outside my window and its still raining heavily so i decided to snooze my alarm for another 10 minutes. Woke up at 6.29 am, went for a bath then switch on the computer a little while, while the computer is still loading, I brushed my teeth. Check all the stuff I wanted to with the computer and switch it off.

Wore my white Traffic Heroes shirt == and start combing my hair, after that, I wore my PBSM clothes. Rushed to school, was hoping that i'm not late for Role Call but surprisingly the Role Call is cancelled. ==. Went upstairs to my classroom and put my bags as usually and met Voon Li, Ashikin and Labiba in the other classroom beside mine.

Didn't know today we will have our photography session for the running competition. Brother didn't tell me anything! Gosh! Took the camera from teacher then hunt some teachers for transports. Phew, luckily I manage to hunt Mrs. Syakima for transport.

Left the school to the Sri Pemaisuri mini stadium. Regret for packing my books for NOTHING! Carrying my heavy bag like a fool there and later I've found a spot to put my bag. Went around the tracks to snap some photos.

Race started with a bad weather, a sudden drizzle came. So I've got to take off my PBSM shirt to protect the camera from being wet to spoil or else Mrs. Roslina will hunt me down with her thick scary make up, opps.

After snapping, I walked around while the race is on, I felt bored and lazy at that very moment so I've started lazing around the stadium. Then I went to the starting point to joke around with those runners and teacher incharged.

After the first event over, the second event started and thats when I stop taking pictures, just can't stand taking the same old pictures without a suitable camera. So I went up to the shaded area, saw Wei Yi doing her duty. Was wondering what happened and went up there to give a little hand.

The girl was in a great tension, she couldn't breath nicely and her whole body was aching, so I just wait there till she calms down. After she calmed down, I went down and a few minutes later, a few runners came up to us and said the same girl is having the same problem again and thats when my double pose started. Now i'm a photography and a PBSM helper. Carried her down to the so called 'critical room' and rested her on a bench. 

Wooooah, I just got to admit that she is ain't LIGHT man! Haha. Later the whole drama started. Alot of girls fainted and got carried again by us to the bench. Gosh! All of them ain't light! Haha. Well its a good chance to build some biceps. Hehe.

Yea I just hate one boy who got me dirty. While he was running, he fell on the other side of the field, so I ran and ran over the muddy watery football field and as I reached there, he stood up and said "I'm ok" WHAT THE HECK! I was really pissed with him because he got me so dirty!

Yea but it was fun running tho, after all the event finished, we went back to our school with our dirty clothes on. Can't stand people staring at my butt especially ==. Then we went to the canteen to feast. While buying food, these few girls came and gave a big wide smile to me, I was wondering why are they smilling at me and yea I thought I was too handsome thats why they smiled at me =='.

Nah, she was the girl I've saved and helped just now, felt like a Prince Charming when they smiled at me =). Haha. Then I left that place and waited there for my house marching squad and surprisingly only 8 of them appeared, got so pissed and left school.

Thats all for that day in school.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Modern world?

Well, alot's of oldies complained, why this days kids especially teen's can't control their language and dicipline? They prefer the old times instead, which people loves chatting without vulgarities of cause and well-mannered.

When I heard about it, i've been thinking, why modern world is so different from last time? Why do people change alot? Why people are getting rude as years pass by? Why people loves using vulgarities? Even songs contain vulgar words!

What is so nice using vulgar words? I don't feel the fun of it, felt that is actually really really rude! I know most of the oldies dislike vulgarities, how I know? I've observed it! To modern people like us now think that is actually nothing if we use vulgarities, people might just say 'Hey! Be open minded abit! Its not going to kill you!' yea, that shows that our diciplines is getting worst and worst.

Now I really anti vulgarities, felt it actually, especially when people cursing you with vulgarities. Well people, you should change, sometimes parents scold you about vulgarities for good! Not for bad! Why don't you just try using decent words, no more vulgarities, I bet you can see the differences.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy birthday Daddy, uncle James Tan and baby Elizabeth Tan!

Their birthday is around the corner, dad's birthday is on 9th February, Uncle James birthday is on 12th February and Baby Elizabeth birthday is on 11th February.

Had steamboat for their party, firstly we all chit-chat, then feast time and after that we watched some movies and after movies, bye!

Everything went well that day!

Happy birthday to me!

Sorry readers for the late post, really lazy to blog since school started. Firstly, I would like to thank my dearest wisher's for the birthday wish. Lets start, went to Mid Valley for my dare date with Grace at 6 pm, was really pissed because all the cab don't want to go there because it was too jam! So I took KTM there and it took me around 40 minutes just to reach there, met her at Carrefour and do our little jobs and done lets get back to my house to celebrate my birthday ok! Haha.

Followed her, show her the way to my home and yea lets start the PARTY!

As usual, feast first, watch some comedies in youtube through our wide screen LCD, look at some camwhore pictures that would bring great laughters and a little futsal practise after that and done!