Monday, April 27, 2009

A small silly updates about my dead hardware.

Sorry for not updating my blog frequently. Nothing much to type about this days. Oh yeah, I was caught by some sort of virus that caused me dead sick. Doctor gave me 3 days MC and yea I really took the opportunity to rest a lot. Felt much better now, thank God.

Anyways continue with the main topic for this post. Here is some silly pictures of how bad my graphic card is going now.

Thats how bad my graphic card is. =( Oh time! Please! Faster go pass me! I can't stand looking at this pixels! Can't stand it any longer especially on my precious main! I don't want this computer to look dead! =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dead hardwares!

I'm currently using a ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 graphics card. Its been with me for about 2 years and now its dying! Gosh!
Yea, thats how bad my graphic card is! Worst than an integrated laptop graphics card! Hehe, going to buy a new Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics card in the early May! Not a really good graphics card but its satisfying and affordable! Been eyeing on this for like months. Can't guarantee whether i'm getting this or not but its 60% sure. =D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun night!

Today we Tan family (excluding my sister) enjoyed cleaning up the boys room (yea its actually a messy room indeed =D). Dad bought 2 new mattress to replace the beds, no more beds. From now on, we are sleeping on 2 mattress! Yay! Its really comfortable and yea dad bought a few new bed sheets too! 

After disassembling the beds, we Tan siblings (boys only) took the 2 sets down using trolley. We had fun bringing it down because things just keep dropping and we keep laughing in front of everyone and so on! Its just fun! Its been so long I felt that our brotherhood is actually closer than ever! After we reach the dumping spot, we also do some shot putt using those disassembled beds! Hehe, really had a lots of fun with them!

Later we went up and yea this will be the first time of you readers seeing how chilidish my eldest brother can be =D. He is 24 now but he is still play with us like kids! Its actually fun to have a brother like him!
Haha! Look at him sitting on the trolley while my twin pushed the trolley! Hehe! Its great doing this with you guys! Wish we could do things together more next time!


Haha, I know it might sound childish but yea finally I managed to save up to 9031 messages in my Hotmail account! Haha! After like 7-8 months! Woot! Proved:

Yippie! Haha!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An American IDIOT! (read nicely, an american idiot, not refering to all but to this american guy!)

Well, I didn't know that American's read my blog. Well, to him its so annoying to see my blog and he hates it for my updates. Oh come on, this is a blog dummy! Obviously people will update their blog! Well dummy, if you don't like it then why visit it? Common sense dummy! Well its so obvious that you are dummier than a retarded man! Sorry i'm not insulting retards but i'm just stating the fact!

Well guys, don't act stupid like that idiot! If you have brains obviously you wouldn't visit this blog right? That sense is like the most COMMON sense ever!

So, don't be foolish MR AMERICAN.
(p.s. this is not to all Americans, its only to that idiotic shit from America =D)

School nightmare.

Yesterday my school celebrated Vivekananda day that's been postpone for like 2 months due to my principal's leg problem, she had to go for surgery. Went to school around 7.20am ++. Still quite sick that time so go abit late also should be alright? Anyway i've tried hard to come as early as possible but i'm just not in a really good form.

Went there and heard we'll be in the Kandiah Hall from 8.30am to 10am. Guess what, only 3 of my classmates came yesterday ==. So I went to other classes to loiter around. Met Mrs. Roslina and my twin in 3F. Took a look at those pictures and left after that. Students have to group up together at our assembly hall first only leave to the Kandiah Hall, as usual, duty rules.

While walking down, I saw my principal calling all the teachers off their rooms to the hall. Was wondering why she do that. Later all of us gather in the Kandiah Hall and then came the HOLY man. Doesn't look that holy to me but still he is the so call HOLY man =D.

After all speeches and everything was down, my principal walked him out. Outside the hall the so call HOLY man scolded my principal. Wow, I really pitied my principal. Got scolded by the HOLY man. Sorry if you guys fine the HOLY annoying =D. Later she came back into the Kandiah Hall and scolded all the teachers. I don't mind her scolding the teachers but she scolded the teachers infront of a whole big group of students. Pitied the teachers but I really got agree too that the teachers manners wasn't really that good too.

Obviously students too got scolded right! Things that wasn't right is, the teacher do their own business while the so call HOLY man giving his speech. I wanted to hush the teachers up but dare not cause I still don't know the prefects priorities. Not all I meant! Anyway after everything was done, I can see my principal's face. WoW. Killer turtle! Opps sorry we like to name her turtle because she walks like one but got to understand because she had leg problems.

Anyway don't want to crap about that anymore. Had fun chatting with Ms. Sumangala, we chatted until like 1.40pm! She's just too sporting and open minded! I really like her charactheristic! Anyway its fun chatting with the whole group there with her too, Wei Yi, Voon Li, Kautham, Charles, Firdaus Khan(I think he is related to Genghis Khan =D hehe) and my twin. Enjoyed a lot with you peeps!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Heres the pictures I've promised to upload. Will try to get more from the girls.
OK just incase you are wondering which is my principal, my principal is that chubby LADY in green wearing specs. The reason she wore green because she LOVES green colour =D.

The white auntie is the Catholic Ladies College representative.

And the MAN in dark blue is my dicipline teacher, Mr. Kannan =P.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick sick sicK.

Missed school today, was totally out of form. Was sick. Having flu, coughs, headache, dehydration and so on. Was over exhausted too. Anyways, i've already cut my hair =( So sad! My hair is uglier than I thought! =( Missed my old hair now =( Say goodbye to my natural hairstyle, got to style up my hair again cause my hair is too short!

Nothing much happened today, so chao!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Now my main PC is nicer and cooler than ever! Two subwoofers with four speakers! A 20 satisfying inch flat wide LCD screen! It also have a 8 megapixel webcam which belongs to me, thanks again Andy and sis!
Anyways, overall for the main PC is great enough for me! The sound system especially, ITS AWESOME! HAHA!

My second PC doesn't have speakers but still can hear the sound created because of the COMPUTER PHONE. Its loud enough and its using the 17 inch flat LCD screen.
Anyways, overall for this second PC is satisfying to me. And oh yea, my laptop became a deadtop, it died a few weeks ago. After 5 years that Compaq finally said GoodBye =(. Was quite sad, because that laptop has helped me a lot in a lot's of stuffs =(. Rest In Peace boy! =(
Thats all. R.I.P laptop! =(

PBSM (Red Cross).

Went to MGS on last Saturday, helped out there. Nothing much happened actually. Met Sadique around my house. Went to school by car and fetch Wei Yi. Later he got to pour petrol. After that we headed to the MGS school and wait for our business. Nothing much happened so we cam whored there.
Sadique really look like a sissy gay tard in the third picture, later he asked for another shot while he is acting cute. Anyways thats me crashing cars in the first and second pictures =P Haha. 

Nothing much happened, left to school to put some stuffs around 10.30 am and then headed home next. Anyways thanks boy for the ride! Hehe. Wait till my P license finish processing only i'll drive you around alright!


Started eating a lots a lots of fruits! Suddenly I fell in love with fruits, thanks to my sister and Andy! Haha. Anyways its good to eat fruits too! Ever heard an apple a day keeps you healthy everyday? Haha.

Here goes,
Remember, eat more fruits, at least an apple a day!

Lucky day?

Came to school and met Mr. Loga, my twin and Mayoori at the computer lab. Was still editing the multimedia up to 8.40 am and those female Australians coming at 9. Managed to finish everything but the stupid projector just won't work fine! Ran here ran there just to sort things out! Sweat! Went to the principal room to take another projector. Changed it when everything has started. 
Thats me! That cute handsome guy directly infront in red and black adjusting the projector! Gosh! Did I just called myself a cute and handsome guy? Gosh! Oh no I didn't, yeap I've actually did! Hehe. Didn't really take a lot's of pictures with those girls. Gosh! Looks like i'm no more a cam whore? NOT! Hehe, i'm just too tired to cam whore with those ladies, wait a minute? Did I really said that? Yeap, I did.

Had fun knowing their life in Australia, and sorry ladies, forgotten all your names =D. I'm just too tired to remember! Hehe. Anyways, during the photographing session, we've actually asked those girls to put some horns on my principal's head. But they don't really dare so i've told them "Well if you don't want to bless my principal a pair of horns, we shall bless you guys a pair of horns." Amin looks so jealous and shouted "Perverts!" Too bad, no body cared boy =P. They didn't realise that we gave them horns not until they looked back and shouted "Hey!" Haha =P.

No worries ladies, those horns will looks great on you girls =P Haha! Later we went up to our principal and said "Wait Pn. Yoga we want to snap some pictures with you!" We were behind the chairs that time, then she told us "Come infront la! Why? Scared of me ar?" I almost replied "Quite." but instead we went up to the front. Called Fuzzy and Beatrice. We then put her between my twin and I, gave her 2 pieces of horns! Will upload the picture as soon as possible ok?

Then the Australians principal representative and the ladies laughed. Then she found out and surprisesingly she didn't react to it, she just laughed. Maybe because those people are there thats why? Haha. Then the Australians principal representative came to us and said "Hey let me get a picture with you guys!" We then slowly stand behind her and she faster move behind us and said "No way! I'm gonna stand behind of you guys, just incase theres no horns for me! Hehe" Alright fine, wanted to add the horns but too bad, didn't managed to. Then a few female Australians came up to me and asked for a few pictures, just because we are the most sporting and naughty ones there.

Later we chat chat chat and yea while they were leaving, I group up a few Australians and said "Hey lets give a few pieces of horns to those VIP's!" Managed to snap a picture with Kannan and the Australians, gave him horns.  Later Kannan shouted "Yea yea I know what you guys are doing!" Didnt managed to do it to all teachers, so while the bus was still waiting there, I gave a few pieces of horns to my dicipline teachers, Kannan, Loga, Shan and Mohgan. Those girls was like laughing out loud in there and snapping pictures.

Too bad, I don't have the pictures with me, will get it from them as soon as possible. Later we cleaned up the hall and left that place. Really exhausted! Sweating like crazy too. Met Bagya and her friends there, they asked us to cam whore with them so yea.
Gosh! I looked weird, anyways go look at Vivian's blog about Mr. Loga. Haha! Anyways, my twin got called by the principal. Hehe. He at first thought that the principal might take revenge due to the horns my twin and I gave but instead, she gave us a pair of pen given by the Australian College and was told not to tell anyone and also she thanked us for chearing the day up! Welcome principal.

Later, I again went in the principal office with Ms. Sumagala, met miss Thila there, joke until none stop and yea had fun joking with the principal and teachers. Later we left school to home.
Thats all.

The stories continues.

During school hours, I helped to do some multimedia thingy. Actually its eAsY to use movie maker but those jokers just don't seem to get it. I've actually forgotten how to use but yea I still managed to use it without any hesitation.

Later we headed to the principal office to use the net there, the computer lab net just can't work, don't know why. That time my shirt wasn't in my pants. Hehe. Went up there and had permission using it, while finding she stared at me and asked "Why aren't your shirt tuck in?", I smiled widely at her and replied "Because my shirt came off while running around the school." She then smiled and said "hmmmm." that time I was laughing in my heart! Haha.

She then asked "Why are you so enthusiastic in this but not enthusiastic in your studies?" I was totally =xpeechless! I wanted to reply "Because I don't like to study." but its better to keep myself shut. Then she said "I want you to get straight A's for your SPM this year." I was like, Oh My Gosh! What do you expect from a dumb student like me?! Then I replied "I'll do my best!" Hehe. Then she smiled widely while my heart is pumping like a machine gun!

I then left that place after surfing net. Went back to my school lab to continue the multimedia. Do do do do do until my brain feel like bursting. Did until 7 pm. Then we asked Mr. Loga, "Teacher since we helped teacher until so late and tired, can we not cut our hair today a not?" Then he replied, "Ok ok, if Kannan want to cut your hair you ask him to find me first ok?" Hahaha.

Finally we're done here and yea later I left, after bathing and dinner I straight away date my bed for hours! Hehe. Thats all that happened yesterday, Chao!

Most tiring day!

Wow, yesterday is the most tiring school day for me! Went to school and did spot check for 4 sc 1 and 2 class, and form 3 A and B class. Found a phone and the cutest part is when I went in to 3 B's class, most of the student faster hand out their liquid paper. Hehe. Easy bitsy job for me =D.

After that I started doing multimedia, it took us like 9 hours. Was so tired, later I left that place and reached home around 7 pm and that time was raining heavily! ==. Help my dad to do some work. My head already spinning badly but I still helped him to do some work.
After that I past out on my bed from 8 pm to 12 pm. Then I woke up and slept back from 2 am till 6 am. Still Quite exhausted tho, really need a long break. Will tell you more stories when i'm back to life? Hehe.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New screen.

Dad bought a new wide flat screen, finally! We can throw the fat old plasma screen. Now the main is using the 20 inch widescreen and the second computer is using the 17 inch flat screen.

Graphic is so much better for the second computer after changing the monitor, the old monitor is a killer! Hehe.

Anyway dad bought the Acer X203H
And now the main PC dekstop looks like this,
Everything here is designed and done by me! =D. Looks sweet right? Now the other pc is using the LG Flatron L1717S
And the dekstop looks like this,
Also designed by me =D. Now both screen looks great! Hehe.
Thats it, chao!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last day of photographing.

Gosh! Missed my Role Call again because of my tummy. Went to school around 7.10-7.15 am, put my bags at the Appudurai hall. Met my twin and Fuzzy on the way, headed to Block A next for duty. As usual, shoo all the students away.

After assembly, we prefects had our meeting. Its all about teachers day, thats all. Left to the hall n waited for the students. Today was quite moody and down for no reasons. Everyone seems bored. After we finish all our photographing, Kumara, Hafiq, Satish came in. We played truth or dare.

Satish the lucky boy lost the first set so he was dared to unbutton all his shirts knowing him not wearing anything inside. He panicked and ask the girls to look back. Oh come one! Whats the big deal small dude! Hehe.

That game wasn't that fun tho, I too lost and was dared to go to those afternoon session students and shout, "Kamu semua bapuks!" translation, "You all sissies!" After school hour end, I left that hall to home. Changed my clothes and brought guitar and Jenga. Went back to school and met Aravinth, Carmen, Beatrice, Brigette (don't know how to spell her name, sorry =P), Kumara, Vivien and her friend.

Showed Aravith how to play guitar because he's actually learning how to, later things got really bored in there, still can't figure out why the guys teased Beatrice, BENADICT? Later Vivien and her friend started playing Jenga, so the rest and I joined in later. Firstly, Vivien's friend lost and yea theres a group of Indian girls practising dancing behind so we dared her to join them later. I lost in the second round and Brigette lost in the third round, we were all dared to dance with those girls behind, wait a minute, with those girls? Gosh! I'm the only GUY there! While they were dancing I left the place and hide myself. Beatrice and Vivien caught me ==. Went back there and danced like a crazy retarted guy there. I just can't do all the ladies move dudes! Hehe.

After the dancing practise ended, the 2 girls were qualified and I was asked to dance again because my dancing suck, oh what the heck! Haha. But nothing happened so yay its enough and DONE! Later, Vivien's friend lost again, and at that very moment she actually need to hunt for players to take pictures, so her simple dare is to call the students and teacher, yea I know its too easy right! After that photographing, her friend left and now left Sadique, my twin, Beatrice, Vivien and I.

Vivien lost in the fifth round, asked her to catwalk in the canteen since now the aftersoon session students is having recess. Her catwalk was horrible! Watch the video below!

Rating, only 2/10 =P haha.

Sadique panicked when he played because he scare he will lose, the way he panicked is like an old uncle, so funny! Haha. Later, Vivien lost again =P Awwww. She was first dared to give announcement to the students about the photographing session but she panicked and ran in the toilet instead with her chips! Euuuwww! Thats gross. =P Later while walking back to the hall, I saw the afternoon session head prefect and then I dared her to hug him. He panicked and walked over her and she fell , sorry, didn't know that he could be that rough! Hehe =P, later we packed our stuffs and left that place.

Thats all for today, down here are the videos of Brigette's dare yesterday and my dad a superstar for kids during Deborah's birthday.

Enjoy, and Chao!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last minute chaos!

Don't know whats with Malaysians and last minutes, sorry i'm a last minute person too so it means i'm actually scolding myself too =D. We've already know that FEMALE Australians coming to our school for like a week back but now only the teachers asked the students to do multimedia about our school history.

I'm already pretty tensed up with photography because i'm sure things can't be done before deadline. Students keep delaying, teachers sometimes absent at the wrong time. Whats wrong man!

Anyway continue with the multimedia thingy, Kautham, Charles and Sathi came up to me and asked for help. Asked them where are we going to do it and they replied, at school using school computers. I was like NO WAY! I HATE SCHOOL COMPUTERS! ITS SLOW, UNSTABLE, this pieces can really give a crap out of me!

The other thing is, we only left like 2 days from now. Thats so rushing for me! I've already packed with photography up to 4 pm, now i'm going to be busy with multimedia's. That group just don't know how to use softwares like MOVIE MAKER! GOSH! Its actually easier if you would have just spend 10 minutes looking around it!

We'll I know they might be in deep shit so might as well help them when i'm done with photographing. Sorry guys for the delays, I can't do much at once as i'm already pretty sick now, don't know because of WEI YI or the weather =P Haha.

Anyway thats all, chao =D!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Pretty stressed up lately, haven't even touch my homework since after holiday. Haven't even finish my Moral and Design projek! Gosh! I'm packed with some other school works lately, and now i'm packed with homeworks! Going to suffer some ugly song sang by teachers, with a lauzy tone and beat.

Might get some kisses too, I don't mean those nice gentle kiss but those fierce kiss that can rip your skin off! Ouch! Now my Bahasa teacher is disliking me more and more just because I didn't do that well in my Intervensi, oh come on! I was sick and the sucky thing was we got to do that stupid Intervensi exam again just because a lot's of student copied during the first Intervensi. Who likes exam? I bet when I go on stage and say "Who don't want to do Intervensi again please put down your hand!", everyone will obviously put down their hand right! Including teachers, and guards! Hehe.

My Add Maths didn't improve much! Quite sad about it, need more courage and practise and everything! I'm sure i'll be kick by my Add Maths teacher because I didn't pass up my works. Actually I've finish it before holidays and wanted to pass up but all my classmate didn't finish their works and beg me to delay it. After holidays i've totally forgotten about it not until a group of students including me chat about Add Maths while watching Twilight, on that very spot, I panicked and faster look for my classmate, asked her to help me pass up my books but she said that my teacher never ask for it so lucky me! But I got alot of homework to do for Add Maths! Gosh! I can go maD soon! Got 7 sets of work to do.

My English as usual, I won't do any of the homework given, my teacher loves giving out homeworks and I hate it! My english is pretty much OK for now. Still need a lot's of improvement.

Oh I just dislike my EST teacher! GOSH! She is always off topic! Hardly do her homework, sometimes I did but will skip some work, p.s. she won't realise about it! Haha. In her class, I bet you guys would want to bring a blanket and a pillow, usually I will give a reason just to get rid of her class. Sometimes i'll pretend sicked so that I can sleep throughout her class. So far my EST is alright, still need improvement in order to get A1, tho its easy to pass but hard to get A1.

My History teacher is really funny, he knows i'm a photographer in school so sometimes he will purposely take out his camera and show off infront of me saying, "The school camera what megapixel ar?" he already know our school camera sucks but he keep doing it, but the fact is, megapixel doesn't play a big role, its the processor in the camera, so i'll keep answering about the features just to keep him speechless and it works! Haha. Anyway, my history is doing bad, keep failing like crazy, I just HATE history. And better finish his homework or else i'll be dead! Hehe.

Didn't really learn during Design class, was busy doing projects. I'm actually far behind my classmates, too busy with other stuffs, deadline has already passes but thank God my teacher understood my situation. Thank you, thank you. So far my Design was alright, also need improvement.

My Moral class is superB! Super boring I mean =D. P.s. my Moral teacher and my English teacher are the same teacher! Really can't stand her class! I want to kill myself! Its so boring until you felt like you are in a prison! Anyway she is a nice teacher, sweet but to me, I really need a nice funny teacher to cheer things up and especially bring the mood up!

Physics teacher rocks like crazy! You can really fool around with her and she can really fool you back after fooling around with her =D. Victim here. =D. Didn't really do all her homework, her class rocks! I just love physics class but not the subject =D. Last year was a total chaos, couldn't learn much because last year's physics teacher's english was really bad. But lucky me i'm one of the 3 students in my class that always pass physics. Phew.

Chemistry is super super boring! You will like her class because of her slang. Her slang is really funny until you can laugh your butt out! Butt I don't dare to laugh infront of her because I know i'll be dead meat if I do that. So far my Chemistry sucks. Really need to start studying more already! Anyway I just hate doing Chemistry homeworks =D.

Maths Maths Maths, my maths is alright so far, really didn't do my Maths homework. Lazy to do. Anyway my Maths teacher is quite funny and she teaches us like babies. Haha.

Overall, i'm really lazy to finish up my homeworks. Sometimes when I got the mood only i'll do all but the mood comes once is a blue moon only! Shit! I'm ain't a smart dude, i'm not the studious type, just hate to study! I'm more into cool features like computers and cameras, phones and etc etc etc. Thats why my dad asked me to join IT once I finish my form 5. I'm just a dumb kid. Thats its! I am a dumb kid! Hehe.

Well, i'm going to be a nerd starting maybe on June or Julai, going to sleep around 2 am everyday, not for leisure but for studies. Thats my new resolution. Hope it works. Guys! ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Watched Twilight like 3 times already. First 2 I watched it at home and the third time I watched it in school with my friends. Storyline is not bad but its just if you are not patient enough then it might be boring to you. This movie is quite nice, not that great tho. Full of romance. Might just watch it again when i'm real sad.

Marley & Me is a real touching story, its all about a couple adopt a dog. This dog is a family to them. All I can say is this movie is great, almost cried at the ending part, its so touching until a guys like me ALMOST CRIED!

Never Back Down is also another great movie, its a about a boy shifted to another school, he was then invited to a party and was bashed up by a fighter. He then learn some fighting from a fighting school, won't tell much here, all I can say is this movie is AWESOME!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua, this movie is not so good. Don't really like this movie, quite boring. Its about a Chihuahua dog got kidnapped and how she escaped and found back her home. Nothing much from that movie.

Eagle Eye! I'm so in love with this movie! Its about a computer setting up 2 innocent people just to kill all the minister and especially the presiden of United States. This movie is SUPERB!

Igor, quite a nice movie. Its about a slave found out whats the ruler's plan. He is also one of the smart evil sciencetist. Overall this movie is moderately good.

The Day The Earth Stood is a great movie! Love that movie so much! Its a sci-fi movie. Its about aliens trying to destroy all mankind to save the earth. It actually can be a good lesson too to us, since earth is actually really dying and most of the cause are caused by us! So guys, watch this movie alright! Its an awesome movie!

The Incredible Hulk 2, its great! Great graphic and storyline, just love the part he tried to find the cure. Its also about an army that is so possesed by the Hulk power, he himself also tried. Finally they 2 have to fight each other because that army turned out evil. Anyway this movie is great!

Bedtime Stories is full of laughters and silly adventures, its just fun watching this movie! Not bad! Just love this movie a lot! Its about a 2 kids bedtime stories could turn real. Overall this movie is lovely!