Thursday, April 9, 2009


Now my main PC is nicer and cooler than ever! Two subwoofers with four speakers! A 20 satisfying inch flat wide LCD screen! It also have a 8 megapixel webcam which belongs to me, thanks again Andy and sis!
Anyways, overall for the main PC is great enough for me! The sound system especially, ITS AWESOME! HAHA!

My second PC doesn't have speakers but still can hear the sound created because of the COMPUTER PHONE. Its loud enough and its using the 17 inch flat LCD screen.
Anyways, overall for this second PC is satisfying to me. And oh yea, my laptop became a deadtop, it died a few weeks ago. After 5 years that Compaq finally said GoodBye =(. Was quite sad, because that laptop has helped me a lot in a lot's of stuffs =(. Rest In Peace boy! =(
Thats all. R.I.P laptop! =(

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