Sunday, April 5, 2009


Pretty stressed up lately, haven't even touch my homework since after holiday. Haven't even finish my Moral and Design projek! Gosh! I'm packed with some other school works lately, and now i'm packed with homeworks! Going to suffer some ugly song sang by teachers, with a lauzy tone and beat.

Might get some kisses too, I don't mean those nice gentle kiss but those fierce kiss that can rip your skin off! Ouch! Now my Bahasa teacher is disliking me more and more just because I didn't do that well in my Intervensi, oh come on! I was sick and the sucky thing was we got to do that stupid Intervensi exam again just because a lot's of student copied during the first Intervensi. Who likes exam? I bet when I go on stage and say "Who don't want to do Intervensi again please put down your hand!", everyone will obviously put down their hand right! Including teachers, and guards! Hehe.

My Add Maths didn't improve much! Quite sad about it, need more courage and practise and everything! I'm sure i'll be kick by my Add Maths teacher because I didn't pass up my works. Actually I've finish it before holidays and wanted to pass up but all my classmate didn't finish their works and beg me to delay it. After holidays i've totally forgotten about it not until a group of students including me chat about Add Maths while watching Twilight, on that very spot, I panicked and faster look for my classmate, asked her to help me pass up my books but she said that my teacher never ask for it so lucky me! But I got alot of homework to do for Add Maths! Gosh! I can go maD soon! Got 7 sets of work to do.

My English as usual, I won't do any of the homework given, my teacher loves giving out homeworks and I hate it! My english is pretty much OK for now. Still need a lot's of improvement.

Oh I just dislike my EST teacher! GOSH! She is always off topic! Hardly do her homework, sometimes I did but will skip some work, p.s. she won't realise about it! Haha. In her class, I bet you guys would want to bring a blanket and a pillow, usually I will give a reason just to get rid of her class. Sometimes i'll pretend sicked so that I can sleep throughout her class. So far my EST is alright, still need improvement in order to get A1, tho its easy to pass but hard to get A1.

My History teacher is really funny, he knows i'm a photographer in school so sometimes he will purposely take out his camera and show off infront of me saying, "The school camera what megapixel ar?" he already know our school camera sucks but he keep doing it, but the fact is, megapixel doesn't play a big role, its the processor in the camera, so i'll keep answering about the features just to keep him speechless and it works! Haha. Anyway, my history is doing bad, keep failing like crazy, I just HATE history. And better finish his homework or else i'll be dead! Hehe.

Didn't really learn during Design class, was busy doing projects. I'm actually far behind my classmates, too busy with other stuffs, deadline has already passes but thank God my teacher understood my situation. Thank you, thank you. So far my Design was alright, also need improvement.

My Moral class is superB! Super boring I mean =D. P.s. my Moral teacher and my English teacher are the same teacher! Really can't stand her class! I want to kill myself! Its so boring until you felt like you are in a prison! Anyway she is a nice teacher, sweet but to me, I really need a nice funny teacher to cheer things up and especially bring the mood up!

Physics teacher rocks like crazy! You can really fool around with her and she can really fool you back after fooling around with her =D. Victim here. =D. Didn't really do all her homework, her class rocks! I just love physics class but not the subject =D. Last year was a total chaos, couldn't learn much because last year's physics teacher's english was really bad. But lucky me i'm one of the 3 students in my class that always pass physics. Phew.

Chemistry is super super boring! You will like her class because of her slang. Her slang is really funny until you can laugh your butt out! Butt I don't dare to laugh infront of her because I know i'll be dead meat if I do that. So far my Chemistry sucks. Really need to start studying more already! Anyway I just hate doing Chemistry homeworks =D.

Maths Maths Maths, my maths is alright so far, really didn't do my Maths homework. Lazy to do. Anyway my Maths teacher is quite funny and she teaches us like babies. Haha.

Overall, i'm really lazy to finish up my homeworks. Sometimes when I got the mood only i'll do all but the mood comes once is a blue moon only! Shit! I'm ain't a smart dude, i'm not the studious type, just hate to study! I'm more into cool features like computers and cameras, phones and etc etc etc. Thats why my dad asked me to join IT once I finish my form 5. I'm just a dumb kid. Thats its! I am a dumb kid! Hehe.

Well, i'm going to be a nerd starting maybe on June or Julai, going to sleep around 2 am everyday, not for leisure but for studies. Thats my new resolution. Hope it works. Guys! ENCOURAGE ME PLEASE!

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