Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last day of photographing.

Gosh! Missed my Role Call again because of my tummy. Went to school around 7.10-7.15 am, put my bags at the Appudurai hall. Met my twin and Fuzzy on the way, headed to Block A next for duty. As usual, shoo all the students away.

After assembly, we prefects had our meeting. Its all about teachers day, thats all. Left to the hall n waited for the students. Today was quite moody and down for no reasons. Everyone seems bored. After we finish all our photographing, Kumara, Hafiq, Satish came in. We played truth or dare.

Satish the lucky boy lost the first set so he was dared to unbutton all his shirts knowing him not wearing anything inside. He panicked and ask the girls to look back. Oh come one! Whats the big deal small dude! Hehe.

That game wasn't that fun tho, I too lost and was dared to go to those afternoon session students and shout, "Kamu semua bapuks!" translation, "You all sissies!" After school hour end, I left that hall to home. Changed my clothes and brought guitar and Jenga. Went back to school and met Aravinth, Carmen, Beatrice, Brigette (don't know how to spell her name, sorry =P), Kumara, Vivien and her friend.

Showed Aravith how to play guitar because he's actually learning how to, later things got really bored in there, still can't figure out why the guys teased Beatrice, BENADICT? Later Vivien and her friend started playing Jenga, so the rest and I joined in later. Firstly, Vivien's friend lost and yea theres a group of Indian girls practising dancing behind so we dared her to join them later. I lost in the second round and Brigette lost in the third round, we were all dared to dance with those girls behind, wait a minute, with those girls? Gosh! I'm the only GUY there! While they were dancing I left the place and hide myself. Beatrice and Vivien caught me ==. Went back there and danced like a crazy retarted guy there. I just can't do all the ladies move dudes! Hehe.

After the dancing practise ended, the 2 girls were qualified and I was asked to dance again because my dancing suck, oh what the heck! Haha. But nothing happened so yay its enough and DONE! Later, Vivien's friend lost again, and at that very moment she actually need to hunt for players to take pictures, so her simple dare is to call the students and teacher, yea I know its too easy right! After that photographing, her friend left and now left Sadique, my twin, Beatrice, Vivien and I.

Vivien lost in the fifth round, asked her to catwalk in the canteen since now the aftersoon session students is having recess. Her catwalk was horrible! Watch the video below!

Rating, only 2/10 =P haha.

Sadique panicked when he played because he scare he will lose, the way he panicked is like an old uncle, so funny! Haha. Later, Vivien lost again =P Awwww. She was first dared to give announcement to the students about the photographing session but she panicked and ran in the toilet instead with her chips! Euuuwww! Thats gross. =P Later while walking back to the hall, I saw the afternoon session head prefect and then I dared her to hug him. He panicked and walked over her and she fell , sorry, didn't know that he could be that rough! Hehe =P, later we packed our stuffs and left that place.

Thats all for today, down here are the videos of Brigette's dare yesterday and my dad a superstar for kids during Deborah's birthday.

Enjoy, and Chao!

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