Saturday, April 4, 2009

A missing day.

Woke up around 7 am, my twin showered first, while he's showering, I turn on the computer and played some games. After him, my turn. Took a long warm shower. Dried myself, came out with my towel hanging. Then brushed my teeth. Sister came out with a swollen eye. Ouch! Pitied her. Changed and went down.

Followed Sadique to MGS, since he drove i'll surely take my opportunity right! Went to school to fetch Wei Yi along, then he had to pump petrol to his sister's car, after pumping we left to MGS. Nothing much happened actually, but the weather is a killer! Went up to Sadique's car to enjoy the aircond. Later the sun shined at the car, can feel the heat from it. I was infront so I parked the car in a shaded area, later we were asked to move the car because the students wants to sit under that shaded spot. Oh what the heck, what about us dudes!

After around half an hour we left the car and go back to the spot where we were actually supposed to be at. Saw a lady that really look like Mrs. Syamala. My twin and Sadique went behind her and wanted to scare her but as they got closer, they realise that she is not Mrs. Syamala. Haha. Lucky them, imagine they scare a stranger, our squad would be so dead! Haha.

Then came Mr. Loga, he was snapping pictures of us loitering around. Smiled and posed while he was snapping our picture, then he smiled at us and say "Nah ini ialah saksi kamu semua curi tulang!" Translation, "Nah this is the prove that you guys are lazing around!" Then we smiled at him and he left.

Again my twin and Sadique wanted to scare him, purposely go behind him and pretend like as if nothing happened. Then he turned back and walk away but he didn't realise that they were actually there, so my twin and Sadique followed him like stalkers! They then gave up. Time was running out, got to leave soon, left that school back to my school to return the items but we forgot to take the key from our presiden so we have to go back there and take it.

After that we my twin and I left, headed home next. Wanted to go church for fasting but couldn't prepare on time, was quite exhaustion tho. Went out with my parents, twin and grandmom to Mid Valley for lunch. Later we went shopping, bought myself a new Aztech headphone worth RM 36.40, not too pricey, sound quality is quite good indeed. Went home around 4 pm.

Later we slept until around 5.30 pm, woke up and prepared ourselves for futsal friendly. I followed my eldest brother with his darling, reached there quite late. Game started with 4 person in both sides, then Jeffrey and Kevin showed up so we started the 5 on 5 game around half an hour later. Siau Ern came with a new puppy of theirs, they named him Jude. Disturb my twin since his chinese name pronounciation is around the same.

My team lost to them, not many good players showed up thats why and especially our keeper wasn't in a good form. Nevermind, its a great game anyway! Went home with my twin, sister and Andy. Grandmom cooked food for us but I have to mop the whole house myself first, my twin couldn't do it because he is SO CALL injured till he can't bend down.

After mopping I just don't feel like eating anymore, repaired my spoiled shoe after that. Now, i'm here blogging about my day. Thats it, Chao!

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