Thursday, April 9, 2009

The stories continues.

During school hours, I helped to do some multimedia thingy. Actually its eAsY to use movie maker but those jokers just don't seem to get it. I've actually forgotten how to use but yea I still managed to use it without any hesitation.

Later we headed to the principal office to use the net there, the computer lab net just can't work, don't know why. That time my shirt wasn't in my pants. Hehe. Went up there and had permission using it, while finding she stared at me and asked "Why aren't your shirt tuck in?", I smiled widely at her and replied "Because my shirt came off while running around the school." She then smiled and said "hmmmm." that time I was laughing in my heart! Haha.

She then asked "Why are you so enthusiastic in this but not enthusiastic in your studies?" I was totally =xpeechless! I wanted to reply "Because I don't like to study." but its better to keep myself shut. Then she said "I want you to get straight A's for your SPM this year." I was like, Oh My Gosh! What do you expect from a dumb student like me?! Then I replied "I'll do my best!" Hehe. Then she smiled widely while my heart is pumping like a machine gun!

I then left that place after surfing net. Went back to my school lab to continue the multimedia. Do do do do do until my brain feel like bursting. Did until 7 pm. Then we asked Mr. Loga, "Teacher since we helped teacher until so late and tired, can we not cut our hair today a not?" Then he replied, "Ok ok, if Kannan want to cut your hair you ask him to find me first ok?" Hahaha.

Finally we're done here and yea later I left, after bathing and dinner I straight away date my bed for hours! Hehe. Thats all that happened yesterday, Chao!

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