Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silents is the best!

Well I just went through 2 blogs today, one is Ernest and the other is my own twin, Daniel. Well I found a related post, bout the outing and silly pranks. Firstly, ERNEST. NOTE : I didn't even write about the whole outing and about you dude and also because of that, you owe me a box of ice cream! =P. And secondly both of you! Don't call any other peeps long winded because BOTH OF YOU ARE THE SAME!

Thirdly, who are we to judge whether any of you two are long winded or not? Fourthly, both of you could just blog about the happy moments and just shut the pissing fussy moments and let things flow rather than blogging bout it and offend both sides.

And whats with the names all? Pussy? Don't have any other better names? DUDES, no one is pussy here! You both just realise that you both are actually starting a sparks among yourselves! And since when both of you are mature? And since when you guys got the rights to call each another CHILDISH? None of you 2 are mature, including ME!

Why can't you guys just be more humble, accept the facts and humiliation ok! BOTH ALSO LONG WINDED, CHILDISH AND PUSSIES OK! P.S. including me ok =D. Anyway I'll jump straight to my point, just hush up and let everything flow ok? Let the time do the talking, not you guys!

No harsh feelings both of you, I just can't stand you 2 brethrens fighting over it! Anyways, its just a whole misunderstood and just relax ok both of you! =D

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J@c08 said...

Yawn... ur blog is boring