Thursday, September 24, 2009


Family and I has been modifying my mom's precious Saga. We changed the steering wheel, gear knot, handbrake knot, added LED lights into the meters, dvd player, another player and a whole sound system.

Didn't really contribute much physically on the steering wheels, gear knot, handbrake knot and LED because we sent it to the shop to fix it instead. Didn't know that it was so costly until Jon brought us to PUDU! Sheesh! =(! The things there was like at least 50-60 % cheaper! Oh GoSH!

Yesterday, we added a whole new sound system into my mom's Saga (since she wants new car, just let the sons mod the car ok? =D). Added the sound system all by ourselves, P.S. including Jon and his friend (sorry dude, forgotten whats your name). We contribute alot physically, Jon and his friend do all the wiring while my twin and I do the speakers.

Really want to thank Jon for giving us a lots of systems for our car! We only bought abit of stuffs only, =D hehe. Anyways, the whole process was really tough! BECAUSE! Our Saga never had a sound system before, IT MEANS! We have to build a new sound systems which took us 10 HOURS STRAIGHT NON-STOP FIXING UP THE SOUND SYSTEM! Didn't had the chance to rest.

We started working on it from 12 pm to 10 pm. After fixing, we headed to Mcdonalds for their famous refills, and chao! Oh yea, tested Jon's modified car and also Elizabeth's, their car is awesome! Took Jon's car to a long straight road and REV like a mad man! WoW! His car pickup was superb, I'm just not used to his sports clutch, it was super high man! Haha.

Anyways, here are some pics of the mods-

Front speaker.

Front speaker system.

Twitter! Twit twit! haha.

Whole front set.

Back speaker.

Back speaker set.

Subwoofer at the trunk of the car. (Produces great bass!)

The player, plays through CD, SD card and USB.

The DVD player, plays DVD, SD card and also USB.

The trustworthy amplifier for all sound system, works perfectly great and fine!

Second shot of the amp.

The wiring around the amp, messy huh? =D

Here are some video's showing the sound system performance. =D
Sound from interior.

Sound from exterior.

Enjoy =D.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey y'all! I'm finally back but still am busy. Was kinda freak out over my trials, I'm ain't good in my studies, just moderate but those subject that i'm really weak at really freaks me out because I totally sucked at it!

Was pretty upset when I heard I failed my add maths, paper 2 was a killer and for paper 1, I got over worried about it that I screwed shits in it! Just hate not remembering the whole formula. I always had this problem which is, I always am not confident with my answers, and thats when I screw things up!

Holiday is coming and i'm not happy, usually i'll smile widely whenever holidays is here but now, its not into me anymore. I'm just over worried bout my SPM. Gosh! I just wish I won't re-sit SPM. NEVER!

Anyways, after hearing alot of country songs, i actually felt in love with those songs. Country song is always a nice, easy-going song. Just love those songs.

Now, I just wish that i'll improve tremendously in my studies. Hope i'll build enthusiasm in me to study =)!