Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty much back.

Hey readers, or pass byers, i'm finally back to blogging. There's been ups and downs in my life lately. Lost a lot's of friends. Now I know how much they know me. It's been a great regret trying to help them so much last time, now I can see how much they appreciate me. ==.

Just gotta start a new life, I felt that my new life is improving. I see joy around now, I see greatness in God to our family. He has led us out from a group of scum's. Well, at least we're not corrupted. To those scum's, we're totally corrupted and being used by the devil or something but they just don't see things happening behind their back, all they do is, judge, judGE, JUDGE. Losing my friends is not the worst but those scum's curse us to hell or somewhat bad, its just not a true Christian act.

You know, a girl from that particular church opened my eyes telling me what they've been learning all this while, I receive a message from her in facebook accusing my family as a killer of a pastor and calling us bloody goats? hah. So I've decided to disturb her, not being controlled by anger I just shot her with all the mistakes she typed. Well, a mistake in a furious message can be a joke of the year. Well, i've told her to read the 10 commandments before taking another action towards us and guess what, her reply is, "a person who ask another person to read the 10 commandments is the works of devil." How dumb can she be to say that? That phrase of hers is trying to implement that if the Bible ask us to read the 10 commandments, it means its the work of devil? I just don't know where she get that idea from, it means those who has been learning from the Bible is actually learning the way of devil? She has proved what they've been learning in that church! Oh my goodness, how dare her! Hehehe.

Anyways, sorry for not telling what happened, so here's the conclusion. A pastor died due to some reason that can't be explain by human being's on earth except from True and Living God our Father. Politics stuff started and this group of so call "angel" claimed my dad and 4 other person is being used to kill the pastor. Well, thats totally outrages right? If my dad we're to be that powerful, imagine where I'll be. So they even claimed that my family is being cursed to hell. So people who still mix with us will lose their salvation, oh yea right! ==. But thank God, He prepared us well and we manage to go through it. Things became so clear till its so obvious to everyone already. But not to those who still sticks to the church.

Well at least this shows how many friends I actually have in facebook from that church. Actually I wouldn't call it a church no more, its a place where people curse of something like that. Its a prison actually because people who so call, question or reasoning the truth means sin and will make their way to hell? My goodness, if the truth were for people to see, let them question and reasoned it until its obvious to them that the truth is real, but to this church is not, it shows that people there is being controlled but some kind of remote by voice. I just can't believe that my aunt, dad's sister, don't believe my dad but instead she join that church.

So it means, we lost our aunt and cousins. My grandmom saw the truth so she decided to stick with us. Her love for her daughter that doesn't trust us is very strong. She felt like she lost a daughter so her tears has been shed every night behind our back till she had a stroke and heart attack. She also had diabetes. The doctor found 2 of her arteries blocked about 90% ++. So she had to go for NGO. Its actually a dangerous process because she's actually too weak to go through it. So we prayed to our God for her health and the process went well, she's healing day by day and now after about 2 weeks in hospital, she's back home! My family were financially low but thank God the overall bill is only 2k+. I know it is by God's grace.

Dad later on met a Korean lady. She's a Christian. My dad were told about a pastor in Korea from our God and told him the background of that pastor thats another man of God too about 3 years back. He confronted this lady about that pastor and its a real blessing for my dad to find that man of God. She confirmed everything that was said by my dad. She later went back to Korea and wrote a testimony to that pastor. Later the pastor confirmed that everything is true and read it out to the congregation. Its a true blessing for my dad actually, this really shows us that the God is actually still with us and helping us. How grateful we are! My dad wrote a personal letter to this evangelist named brother Morris Cerullo, he was confirmed to be a man of God years back. My dad then received a personal letter from him and my dad rejoice and follow everything that was asked to do.

Blessing started showering, my family started to smile and enjoy our new life here. To us, past is past, we'll let the future holds our plan. Now we just love to thank God for what He has done for us. =). Will post up some post about my count down and so on =). Thats all, chao. =)