Sunday, August 29, 2010

New way to Barbecue your chicken!

Yes, I found a new way to barbecue your chicken without any fire needed! Or grilling or whatsoever!

Ladies and gentlemen who drives often, you can actually save cost barbecuing your chicken without destroying nature just to start up fire (Tho driving is already killing the nature =P)! May I present you the new way of cooking/barbecuing your chicken!

That's it! Bwahahahaha!

I eventually grab this from one of the Dove Assemblians! If she finds out this, I bet she'll be screaming her way through hell!

Its just easy to link them up in everything! ;) =P xD

Anyways, enjoy! =D

Family time! Love my family lots! =)

Hey passers-by, readers, stalkers and lazy-bums! =D

I'm the most boring blogger ever! At least I know theres guest around my blog! =D

Anyways its family hour and its great having us all gathering at a park and you know, do the stuffs! =D

This is Rachael, not my kid. She's CUTE! I REALLY MEAN IT! And she actually have some issues with me since i'm always bullying her. I actually LOVE bullying her! =P But, she still enjoys with me! =D

Awwww! She's afraid of heights! =P

This is her older sister Elizabeth! A super hyper kid! Gosh she runs more than me! NOT! =P

So, whats up? Hmmmmmmm..

Told you she had issues with me! =P

She had issues with the slides too I guess? D=

While her sister is enjoying the playgrounds without any issues! =P

That's so adorable! I asked her to smile and I showed her how, she smiled! =P

Elizabeth is actually an amazing poser! No doubt guys! =P Wait, she's too young for male blog readers! =P

I eventually got worn out taking care of those 2 babies! D= Nah! I actually jogged 1 big round around Taman Tasik Perdana.

Its ghost festival! I eventually saw a ghost! AWWWWWW! D=

Wooo, I got long legs! YAY! =P

Enjoyed catching, taking care of the 2 babies and jogging around! I need to get back to jogging! =D

Thats it for this post and will try to update as much as I could! =P

Friday, August 27, 2010

Exhaustion For Food!

Yea, food power rules! If you see any food around, munch it like the fella below! =P
Just keep munching, just keep munching, just keep munch munch munch munching! =D

The most common exercise ever! Mouth exercise! =D

Over exaggerate Title! Too little too much to update!

Hey mots! Guys! Hotties ^^! =D

Anyways here's updates like ever since! =X

Waiting for Jade in KLIA. Liang Shin and my twin thought the Mcd there is super cheap not until I explain how the pricing works. Sucks! D=

3 Musketeers crapping, bullshitting, trying to get attention behind there wanting shots for themselves! =D

Yea, the Musketeers went crazy rushing dashing to the front of the crowd, it was a tough war! Phew! xD

Erm, this is not all in, half of em' went missing. Too shy infront of the camera! =O

So yea thats what happened in KLIA, byebye JADEY! Miss me alright! =D

Whats next? Pool side partay with the LIGHTHOUSE GROUP! =D

Munch munch munch munch munch! You just can't stop munching when there's unlimited food supplies! =O =D

Brave warriors jumped in the pool in order to attract others to the pool! That pants was heavy tho! =O I couldn't swim with it! =O

Yes, Pam was too BUSY with the camera and she's taking candid shots of everyone! =O Here's mine! =D

Gosh, this expression is pretty priceless aigh't? =D

Moths later we went for juices at Taman Desa.

All of em' wore white except me! SAD! =( EMO! =P

Our drinks. Wait till we order extra 2 more cups! =D

My fav! Champagne Grape Lassi! God! That alcohol taste is super strong! But, I LOVE IT! xD

Then, the BBQ party with the LIGHTHOUSE and XYZ? group? and many more!

Sad! Thats an ugly picture of me! D=

Thanks to Pam, i'm addicted to Monopoly DEAL! =D

And oh yea, before this party I was at Port Dickson with some of the gangs!

We eventually Monopoly Deal up to 7 AM! D=

All pictures not uploaded yet so yea, wait till its all uploaded then I'll post more pics! It was a fun trip with them! =D

Next, I'm gonna hit the sensitive points of Dove Assemblians! =P

Clubbing! Went to Mist. Not my favourite club.

Starting to hype up! =D

Ai-Vern's best post! D=

Wen Yee and Voon Li, sorry Voon Li for dragging you in! =D

Add up Michelle beside me! =D

That guy beside me owns an awesome DSLR and Lenses and Flash! =O But he still wouldn't want to change his old breaky kancil! =.= xD

Getting crazy at the dance floor! Miss Hypertune destroyed it all but the 2 hotties dancing on stage is seriously hot! Been winking with them but too bad I got a lil......

Poor innocent Leon, been growing dark! =P

And here's Michelle's after party. Photo's not uploaded yet thanks to Malaysians, its pretty typical for us to get lazy uploading pictures and so on! =D

I'm seeing Summer's and Winter's getting along pretty well! =D Hey Summer's, Winter likes your ride man! =P

Why only the Tan's cover beneath? Hrmmmm!

Yea, read her shirt, so I'm trying to look rich by taking all the keys phones but i still fail! D=

Guys that stayed back just for Arvinder. Hey Vinder! You're gonna treat us all food for waiting for you! =P

Will upload the rest when its uploaded. Typical Malaysians will take at least a week or two, maybe by that time I myself will be lazy to update it already. =X

Here's BabyMooning and 100 Yenning and Capture the Moon's Picturing. What's with the -ING? O.o

They are such big bullies! D=

Was I highing? =O

Daddy say's, being a kiasu is the worst thing ever! =P KIASU! Definitely hope she's not reading this or else this KIASU will slaughter me! =P

I think thats pretty much enough aye?


I shifted to UCSI from Olympia and i'm starting my course next week. Anyways, had my orientation day today and guess what? Charming Tan's(Dove Assembly Member) son is in the same orientation room with me! He spotted us and was like smilling and walking slowly joining the big crowd behind! God! Its pretty stupid that they live in fear and as for most, its funny! =P

So its lunch time and food is provided. Sat at a corner with my twin and purposely leaving one chair knowing he'll find for a spot to eat since he's a lonely boy running in the wilderness finding a light to restore his peace. He saw us and was like crawling his way out through the crowds squeezing just to find another light, looks like my light is RED to him. Too bad =P

So thats it. Can't wait for tomorrow's Orientation. Why? HOTTIES BABES! HOTTIES! =O Didn't really drool but still yea! HOTTIES! Not too much tho but its better than my previous college, only got 1 super awesome chinese chick! =O She's pretty! =P xD

So yea chao guys! =D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Crappy Rights.

Yea thanks to the weather I got to go through flu, sneezes, coughs and I think that's it?

It's been quite sometime I didn't update my blog thanks to the above!

Anyways i'm somehow back?

Kinda lazy to blog now.

Just recovered from these 3.

Thank God!

Crap, nothing is running in my mind now!


I'm such a boring blogger,

chao! =D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old scrap out, new scarps in!

Hey guys. For the kindness you've shown, you will be blessed handsomely. =)
Last year my dad bought my twin and I a new Nokia E66! Tho that is not the phone I wanted but i'm still grateful for it.
This is the E66 my dad bought for us. Then I decided to buy an earphone for this since I lost my old Sennheiser CX300, that was one great ear tube phone and I lose it in just a day after receiving it! OMG! =O =(
Yea, sad. I know.

After losing that eartube phone, I bought a new one, the Sony N.U.D.E Ex Monitor MDR-EX300SL Red, since its my favorite color! =D


This is the Sony N.U.D.E Ex Monitor MDR-EX300SL and I bought this for RM200.

Compared both, the Sony is better than the Sennheiser! Haha! At least I get to enjoy some great quality music. =)

I've written above, for the kindness you've shown, you will be blessed handsomely. The reason I wrote that because it touched my heart how my dad would do anything to bless his family after all the things he's been through. =) I eventually gave him 20% of my money earned from my work cause he actually lost a lot listening to Nelson. Last time when he worked for Auntie Rose, he didn't get his earnings and salaries cause the company was down to a low. Actually my dad didn't want to work for her but he was asked by Nelson. Yea, thanks to him my dad got to go through some financial crisis. =.=.

After years of working for her, my dad left that company. And he opened his own business and thank God his business is growing tremendously. He got offered a job too! Ridiculously high pay a month and with a BMW 5 series and a 3-storey Semi-D house in Mount Kiara. My dad is considering it, cause he wants to concentrate on the business he started. So now, its up to him! =) Daddy, God will bless you in every way! =) Anyways my dad met Morris Cerullo and he was appointed as an Elder in the Morris Cerullo Evangelism Board of Elders. =) Thank God for him! =) He was overjoyed when he received the letter written by Brother Morris Cerullo. In the letter, it is written that my dad was appointed to be an Elder because God wants to, and Brother Morris Cerullo guarantee it with his life.

My dad with Brother Morris and Sister Theresa =)

My dad sings songs of praises after reading the letter, I too felt his joy and gave joy too. Really thank God for bringing our family back to life! =) Without you, we are hopeless! =)

Thats all, CHAO! =)

Life after Dove.

Hey y'all, I know i've been slacking and lazing and just add on for me alright? =D
Anyways i'm into blogging again, but I can assure you guys I won't be as active as before. =)
Gonna start telling stories about me again starting New Year, not gonna start any topic bout last year after what i've gone through, i'm promising myself not to remind me of these matters and start a new life.
So here goes new year! =D

Priceless expression, yea!

Twins being sarcastic, as usual =D

The very first meal in 2010, Mcdonalds. xD

The next day, we had a date with our teachers, here comes Porto Romano's! Awesome Italian food! =)

Yea you guys can take all the laugh you want, I was dared. And the best part is, its my dare! =O

Our lovely teachers at each end. And yea! There's a Christmas tree there! Look at that tree Dove Assemblians! =P

Twins forever, love him loads! =)
And after that we had our mates hang out, it was fun with them! =)

China versus India, no doubt that China will win! =P

Here's the sad pool player! White ball's always in for him! =(

This is what will happen if you bring girls to cyber cafe's. =X
Coming up, new friends, new life.

This might come handy to girls! =D

Yea I learn my lesson hanging out with a bunch of monstrous ladies! =X Hot Rod babe!

Yea, look at it, Karen got her price back! =P And omg look at Daniel's expression! Priceless, totally priceless.

After a few days or weeks after new year, I started working for CSC.

God! Look at the amount of computer! Gosh! Its crazing tiring setting these PC up for companies. Argh! But I kinda enjoyed working there cause of the people there! =) You guys rocks!

While working for CSC, I got another job too, but this job requires me to travel around Malaysia. Yea, it was an awesome experience!

Eventually theres only 2 boys and the rest are all females. Yea so I had to join the ladies for some fun times and look at what they've did to me! =O This was just a light make up, you haven't seen the heavy make up they put on me! P.S. I'm not showing you guys! =D

They wanted mohawk but it was an epic fail, too bad =P

There's Penang!

We're emoing over something, erm.....nevermind.

It was great working with a bunch of cows, monkeys, donkeys. Name all the animal you want! =D

And now again, hang outs.

The bill got us killed! =X

Awesomeness! Gonna miss you guys man! Faster come back from Australia! =D

I was being too crazy. =X
Coming right up, Jade's goodbye to New York. She's migrating there.

Me jumping HIGH! LOL! Anyways, we practically owned KLIA! =P xD
I'm going to go all random cause I hate telling 'next up', 'coming right up'. Its rather annoying! =D

So, here is a little of me and my primary mates.

I hate setting up computers for them! =(

Had dinner together.

Here comes clubbing. P.S. I don't drunk myself, I only take max 3 shots cause I know I'll be driving home every night events after events! =O

Clubbing is actually a good form of exercise! Opps, I mean dancing! You can judge it by looking at the picture on top! I'm a sweaty pig! xD

Here comes SPM result! Thank God I passed all! Tho I was having trouble doing my papers due to some sad incident but I still thank God for helping me in my grades! AMEN! =D

Realize the environment is all green? Its cause that's my Principle favorite color! =D

Lunch together at 1U.

Kautham's birthday celebration. An epic one! =D

We later head to a park and do some crazy dares! Overall it was funny and awesome! Really hope he enjoyed his birthday!

The Tan siblings hang out day! Hehe

And another hang out day with friends.

Good quality photo credit to - NORMOO ZAKARIA! =D

Here comes the last day in CSC.

It was awesome working with you guys! =D I MEAN IT! =D

And here comes dancing again and I forgot where's this place.

These guys rocks man! They rocked the house! xD

And lets see some vivian leaving M'sia to S'pore. May I present you, kiamsap! xD Voon Li, no doubt alright? Our principle agreed!

Ain't I cruel? =D

I wanna chop that teddy's head! =P

Here comes Ice Skating! Haha! Met Hao Min there! LOL! xD The best part is, her friends thats with her is my mutual friends! xD

Had fun skating man! It was awesome and the DJ there was like crapping and fooling with us! AWESOMENESS! haha xD

This is some random pictures!

And then, here comes chilling waterfall at KKB! AWESOME! xD

My eldest brother kinda cheated us in jumping, we wanted foursome jump but he tricked us. =.=

Yummy dinner at Mid Valley.

Camping at Mount Pisang, BANANA! xD

We couldn't sleep tight cause we were cramping in the camp. =(

Here's some random pictures near Teachers Day.

Baby Rachael is SOOOO ADORABLE!

Shorties! =P

Here's hiking in Mount Dato'.

Here's some High school reunion! =)

=) Sweets! =)

Woofvinder's birthday!

Group Picture! =)
Hope you like your surprise birthday Woofy! =P

Voon Li's visit in Malaysia, she's a Singaporean already =P

Saw Gillian Chung with my naked eye. Gosh! She's actually HOT! I mean SUPER HOT! =O We got tickets to her premiere movie! =D

Here's Wen Yee's birthday celebration at Ampang Look Out Point. =D

I'm madly in love with this picture! The view! =O Saliva's dripping! =O

Here's family day in Sunway Lagoon! =D

Nice! =)

Here's some random hang out, we play games till like 4 am! =O It was fun tho! =)

It was fun when cars starts breaking down and the youngsters are like kinda clueless! =P xD But still manage to handle the car! =D

These 2 girls bullied me they are too short for me! =P

Anyways thats all for today! Don't have some recent activity pictures yet, will upload as soon as I get those pictures and also I didn't really elaborate the activities and events so let the pictures say it all alright! =)
Nights! =)