Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family time! Love my family lots! =)

Hey passers-by, readers, stalkers and lazy-bums! =D

I'm the most boring blogger ever! At least I know theres guest around my blog! =D

Anyways its family hour and its great having us all gathering at a park and you know, do the stuffs! =D

This is Rachael, not my kid. She's CUTE! I REALLY MEAN IT! And she actually have some issues with me since i'm always bullying her. I actually LOVE bullying her! =P But, she still enjoys with me! =D

Awwww! She's afraid of heights! =P

This is her older sister Elizabeth! A super hyper kid! Gosh she runs more than me! NOT! =P

So, whats up? Hmmmmmmm..

Told you she had issues with me! =P

She had issues with the slides too I guess? D=

While her sister is enjoying the playgrounds without any issues! =P

That's so adorable! I asked her to smile and I showed her how, she smiled! =P

Elizabeth is actually an amazing poser! No doubt guys! =P Wait, she's too young for male blog readers! =P

I eventually got worn out taking care of those 2 babies! D= Nah! I actually jogged 1 big round around Taman Tasik Perdana.

Its ghost festival! I eventually saw a ghost! AWWWWWW! D=

Wooo, I got long legs! YAY! =P

Enjoyed catching, taking care of the 2 babies and jogging around! I need to get back to jogging! =D

Thats it for this post and will try to update as much as I could! =P

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