Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Redang Life!

Hey Handsomes and Pretties! Sorry for not updating my trip to Redang Island! D=

So Here's the start, pictures will do most of the talking!

I'm fat fAT FAT! D= Anyways we went a day earlier to Merang so that baby Eliz and Rach can take a good rest before the boat ride to Redang! =)



Twin's Bro's timing is super out! D=



Cute babies on the run!

Had a long walk at night by the beach. =) And they caught a crab!

Crab : GOD! Bunch of monsters! HELP!

Woke up super early in the morning just to catch sunrise but GOD! Its blocked! D=

Sad! We woke up early for nothing! EMO!

Here's the jetty to Redang!

She's so photogenic! And what a poser! She wins me! =(

The lil one is picking up from her sis!

Just being sarcastic!


Right after we reached Redang, we straight away jumped into the sea! We missed it sooo much!

Hey fishy!

Don't simply dive if you got no experience guys, pressures kills your eardrum if you don't know how to maintain ear pressure! =)

And oh yea! Don't go up too fast! =D

You just can't let that hammock go! =D Too comfy!

On the way to, I don't know! D=

Just need to dive more!

So gracious! =D

Ahem! I'm seeing big belly there! =P

I Failed In CamWhoring! D= Goggle's Up-Side-Down! D=

It was great, when there were lesser peeps around! D= I saw darn loads of HOT CHICKS! D= SUPER HOT!

She had issues with me cause I love pinching her cheek!

Lesson learned, apply more sunblock lotion! D=

Muacks Muacks MUACKS!

Girls, you can go ahead. DROOL NOW! =D LOL =D Just kidding!



She's finally tasted my version of Mary Go Round! =P

Eat, eat and EAT!

Walking to Laguna.

This is the so call famous what?

Clearer Version! Looked like a family portrait tho! D= Thats so wrong! Thats my sis at the side and not my kid in the middle! D=

You just gotta show that face!

Sun Rises and thats it! We're going back! Gonna miss the peeps there and especially the beach there too! =(

SO CUTE! They love living in car trunks! =P

Basically that's it, i've uploaded enough!

So yea hope you guys enjoy the pictures! =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dive All You Can, Burst All You Want!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just keep swimming!

Hah! Going Redang soon! In just like 7-8 more hours!

Will be back on Sunday and the SAD part is my first term Discrete Maths exam is on the next day! D=



Anyways wish me luck! =D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Extraordinary uploads!

Yes! Finally Ai-Vern got his butt up to upload the pictures! =D So, lets start from Mist/Milk club! I'll give the pictures priority to do the story telling alright! =) I'll do abit of the talking too! =D

Dancefloor at Mist! =D Look up to the sky babies!

Don't stop baby!

Look at the cam i'm holding! Awesome piece man! =D

Small group picture.

The whole party is for her! Bye bye!

This is not even a decision! It just struck my mind to carry someone! =P

Funny boy! =P He's a nice guy girls! =)

We failed! YMCA! D=

Too tired to go on! Look at Eugene's skin! Hot Red man! Haha!

Couldn't take it man! I need a rest! D=

Group picture! =D

Everyone is Highing and Sobering outside! LoL! Everyone told me that I was all over crazy making friends with the security guards and DJ's there! LOL!

Now, Jade's farewell to New York!

Musketeers couldn't resist the temptation of being infront of everyone! =P

I was actually crapping! GRAAA!

I'm lost.

Now's Michelle's birthday!

Group picture, not all's in!

Her first wish, candle on a honeydew!

Happy Honeydew day Michelle! =D


Not enough? Wait!

That's enough! =D

Torn amongst the Roses? =D


One sided boob, totally fail!

Oish! Rich arse!

Eugene! Thats sooo wrong! D=

I'm a sexy bitch! D=

Anyways pictures credits to Ai-Vern! Thanks man!

Thats all! En-JOY!