Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tiny Update.

Hey guys, gays, lesbians, girls =D Miss me? =D

Anyways, I went to I-city with my family a few weeks back.

Oh the lights! Glaring! Beautiful! Ahhhh!

Drooling! =O

Oh yea! I was highing! =P Guys, let me introduce you my mom and dad. Mom, dad let me introduce you, Guys, I'm referring you readers as Guys for only this picture alright. =D

Told ya I was highing! =O

My hands a lil out of position, argh!

Was suppose to pee on that lil tree =P

Lovely birdies made me jealous of them! D=

So, I desperately kissed a swamp by my side. =( SAD!

What are we suppose to do again? We're lost hunters! =O


Another Ahhaaaa....

It's like finally! We had a group pic! Haha! Thanks to the chinese dudes there =)

I was hoping it was a fruit! =(

Omg! What a sissy pose! =O

Once you can't grab it, stare at it!

They aren't friendly! >(

Grown ups!

We're bending! =O

Look at that little girl! Her expression is like "Look at that big childish kiddy! SHOO!" D=

Thats all for that night, enjoyed the view there! =)

Went to Tabur Hill a few days later, that hill is one great hill! Almost got lost on the way back! D=

The group, Kayemn's the camera girl of the day!

They starred at my butt! Looks like my butt's sexy huh! =P

Yeaps, it's like rock climbing just that without the rope.

Bag is giving me trouble, I almost fall to death just because the bag got pulled by some branches. =.=

Down and down and down!

Yea, now's the group with Joanne as the camera man! =P

Kayemn introduced us Kings! Take a peek below! Enjoy!

The Video's will do the talking, google King's if you guys wanna know what's that.

Thats all! Chao! =)

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