Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yes moths! Fireworks!

It blew right infront of my house balcony! Haha!

Cool huh? =)

Here's the video I recording when the fireworks is blooming! =)

Cheers! =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Update.

Sorry guys, too much happenings lately and I don't have any picture ready yet, so i'm just gonna upload a little picture edited by me! =) Enjoys! Its just a simple edit. =)

x) My favorite! =)

Bubbly Cheek? =D

Yes Pik Tze, your wish came true =P

Something Voon Li and Wen Yee bought for me when they're in Singapore. Sweet? Girly much when I put in it my wallet! x)

That's it for now!

Cheers! =)

In case you guys wondering how am I doing now?

Despite losing those friends, family and loved ones, i'm doing pretty much well!

Gonna keep praying for em' to see the truth and lead themselves to the right path! =)

God bless you, guys! =)

And oh yea! Found another group picture for Waijin's birthday celebration.

Enjoy! =)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HUGE updates! =)

Hey y'alls! Sorry for allowing my blog to collect dust! Now lets keep it up-to-date!

Worked for Yeo's commercial and oh my gosh! The sunburn in Redang is already a killer and now this? Anyways group pic!

We celebrated Charles birthday and he says it will be a memory to him, why? Because this is the first time his friend organize a celebration for him! =) Glad he's happy!

Me being sakai!

Didn't really turn out well but still alright! It was FreaKing dark!

Okay, that's so wrong, happens when you men-date! Haha!

Heys birthday boy!

My Sweet Ride! Gonna miss her! =(

Night rally? Yea right!

Alright, thank goodness everyone is officially 18 that time! =D

Group pic, silly faces!

A simple smile! =D

Night riders? Haha

Chilled in Nathan's Corner in OUG.


We went to JoJo's Kitchen in Subang.

Ordered the worst meal of the day, Spicy Pan Mee.

Kinda regret adding sambal! D=

Then we headed Tropicana City and tasted the Pork Burger in Ninja Burger! OMG it is not that great and not that bad too! =)

Then we went hunting for Monopoly Deal! Oh that time, Wen Yee, Voon Li, my twin and I watched Eat, Pray, Love. BORING!

In some Toy Shop. Playing with OMG's! xD

And yea! Recently I joined Nike Run! It was a crappy day for me at first because I suddenly had fever, then i got thigh muscle ache and knee ache! Combo's Man! Didn't really want to go at first but something tells me to go so yea I went and jog and SURPRISINGLY I MANAGE TO JOG THE WHOLE RUN WITHOUT ANY STOPS!

Picture after jogging!

Forgot what are we laughing for.


Aha. Mine's the top! =D

I kinda injured my toe! =( Thank God it wasn't serious at all!

That's my tracking number! 4567! Wheee!

My shirt number! =)

Heys! I still got strength to camwhore! Cool right! =D

And here's Wai Jin's Birthday!

After dinner! =)

Just smile and smile and smile! DUMC group pic! =)

Monopoly Deal, its a must to play!


Twins with the birthday boy.

Another group pic, LOOK AT THAT POSER ON THE RIGHT! D=

So yea that's it for this update. Oh yea! I went for Monsoon Cup job interview today, glad it went well. Now i'm praying hard to get the job! Yay! =)