Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drags the sadness

Screw her everything!

Cant they just give her a break?!

Cuz of that all plans cancel...

Not gonna smile for weeks.

Hates it when it happens.


I'm like so prepared and ready to meet her and have fun and go crazy with her but 'that' thing just gotta destroy it.

Was so excited up to this evening when I was told that she can't make it thanks to 'someone'...............


Wanted to screw that someone but it'll be too rude.


Who to blame now? That someone?

Evidently not, lucks just not going on my way.

Out =(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey homo's! =)

Went out for a supreme random low class photographer shooting at Pavilion today! =)

Pictures speaks it most kays? Since i'm so lazy to tell from A to Z! =)

Taken by me! Likey? =)

Oh yes! I gave that weird doggie want to pee at the plant pose with a weird smile face! =D

Posers! =D

We'll just sit and smile! =)

Eeeeuuuwwww, bro's so afraid to love again till he has to kiss his own twin! D=

Wen Yee! FAIL! =P

Tried to copy one of Carrine's pose but evidently we fail cuz we don't have puffy cheeks! =P

Sadly all my fats from my cheeks ran away! =P

See that guys! Carrine's cheeks so PUFFY! =D

Twins was doing some random pose behind! =D Too bad we didn't pose the previous picture before this =D

When we come to a dance! =D

Still learning tho =D

Again posers! =P

I dare not look at the cameraman cuz he's looking gay! D=

Shawties? Nah, its SHORTIES! =P

Bad photographing from my twin! =P

I realize Carrine's always doing that face! D=

Thank me! The pro photographer! =P blueks!

Second shot! =D

I know I got great photography skills! =P Lesbians! =P

Wen Yee and I =D

The 4 CaMonkeys! =D

They just love stalking me! D=

We looked worse than ugly! D=

Yes! SHE WAS TEASING HER so I had to take some revenge right! Puffy cheeks! =P

Fails to emo! =P

I can't feel any cheeks! I feel only skin! D=

Yes they loved my headphones! Poor headphones! =D

My twin bro just can't stop STALKING ME! Making me thinking twice how straight he is! D=

Don't get too hot! And I'm TALL! =P

Candid shot? =P

Whee! I've been longing for this! =D

Guess this is nicer? =D

Under my umbrella, ella, ella! =D haha

We'll stand in the rain, stand your ground, stand up when its all crashing down! =D

That's all from the extreme cam-whore day! =D

Sadly she's not there, the rest wasn't crazy enough! =( Wish you could be there while we're cam-whoring! BUT nevermind, theres always next time! =)

Went to Taylor's lakeside after that for some volleyball games. EEEUUUWWW they, seriously need to do something to the air! D=

Nice place tho! =)

Enjoy! =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lap-Cam-Whore. =D

Yea, I got bored alot. So cam-whoring is one solution to fill in boredom! YAY

=O, I'm so in love with, =O foods! =O

Christmas spirit's UP! Can't wait for this coming Christmas since last year's ruined. =)


Party party! Too bad my cheeks not as bubbly and cheeky as Carrine's! D=

Imma clown! =)

Waiting waiting, 2 week's just too long!

Ouch, results of peeping girls! D=

Hmmm, let the judge think first okay? Hmmmm


That's all, enjoy! =D

When judgement comes, not for me but for the SPM candidates! =)

Hey y'all especially to those who's taking SPM this year!

Best of luck to you guys! =)

Especially you sweetie! =)

You're not scared cuz you'e special! =D

Just do your best alright? =)

As promised! =P

While I rot. =/

Anyways wish that the next 2 weeks and 2 days will just skip in a blink! =)

P.S. You won't look like ghost when you see me alright! =)

You'll be pretty! =)

I'm praying hard for you! =)

Cheers guys! =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day of joy!


You've grown older and maybe a small step wiser since you're so wise! =D

And I want to thank you for everything you've done for me, you've tortured me alot, made me suffer hectically, never stops pinching me, bullying me and most of all for helping me grow up!

You're the best mum in the whole universe! =)

Love you loads mum!

God bless you! =)

Mom and I, still looking young mummy! =)

Thanks for opening a bottle of wine! Looks like i'm not into alcohols already after that drunk night. =X =) But that wine tasted good! x) Just want to control myself! =D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trust in love is like a rope


Cause ropes are strong when its not broken, just like love. Your love is strong when there is trust.

Breaking the rope is like losing the trust.

Once broke, tying it again won't be as strong as before. Just like love, once trust is broken, the trust is not as strong as before.

Gaining back the trust is going to be a tough task!

So guys, try not to break any rope!

And don't tie yourself when you break the rope! D=

Same goes to heart! Don't break it cause tho it can be healed but the scar remains there.


Appreciate the people you got or getting! That getting is for me! =D

Wish me luck in getting anyway! =)

Just want her to know that I love her loads! Will treasure you and good luck in your exams! =) (Sorry for the bad picture quality =( they are noob photographers! =P)

That's all, AUDIOUS! =D