Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hike in the dark morning! =)

Hey peeps! Went to Broga Hill yesterday with a few newbies. =D

As usual, lazy me typing the stories here so yea picture do most of the talking alright! =)

Anyways, here's a bit of story what happened before the dawn!

On the way there, my brother didn't trust my trustworthy GPS so he took the longer route, then he thought he knows where to turn in, instead he took us to the darkest and longest wilderness route ever! Thanks to him we reached late! =P

Then when we reach, there's no light at all! We were in the world without light, in form of darkness! Off the engine and 'doom', where's everyone? D=

Hiked up with 3 head torch but five people! So yea, those without torch gotta suffer a little cause ghost might catch you!

Worst part is, the whole town suddenly migrate to the hill! Oh boy! More peeps means more blood! More blood means more lures! D= Thank Goodness no one died. =X

Got a call that Sze Wei and Yen Sin couldn't hike anymore so they are camping at the first peak! Lousy bums! =P HAHA

Anyways met them at the first peak and then we eventually RAN all the way to the last peak finding for the rest but we didn't spot em' at all thinking they hike down already so yea we RAN all the way down to the first peak again. Then we got the news they are still up and they are hiking slow down! Well, I forgive them since they are CITY peeps! =P

And here comes, CAMWHORE! =D

Yes, my butt's been molested and pointed as the sexiest butt ever! Thank you thank you! =)

Why my nipples? I don't attract gays! D=

Pardon my twin BRA, he's just jealous! =D

You just gotta Facebook when you reach anywhere! LOL

Addiction *shakes head*! xD

Nah, decided not to update my status! =D

Forgot what I was doing! D=

Yes! Girls have smelly foots! =P Joking!

No I don't beg, I ask! =D

O.O OoooOOooOO.

Group talk!

For some reason, they love my balls! D=

Still liking my balls? *shakes head*

Sze Wei just gotta take that shot! D=

Okay my twin BRA is trying to rape me! D=

Group picture! Sadly Sylvia went down early! RAWR! =D

Second group picture! =)

Group picture with Alex and Carmen and MY MOM! =D Just gotta admit my mom is young and cool! =D She climbed more peaks than Sze Wei and Yen Sin! Haha! =P

Oh the way to gay rape! D=

That guy was asking for offers. Sorry, rejected! =P

He eventually enjoyed it! While taking pictures! =P

Suppose to give them the 'land' version of Titanic but Alex's too shy! D= So I gave them the better pose! =D

Yes, my bag is the heaviest compared with the rest! But I enjoyed exercising with it! =D Had to carry Nigel's back halfway down too cause he's out of breath, I think he's having asthma? D=

After hiking, we drove to Broga Town for Wan Tan Mee! Haha




Anyways while waiting for the wantan mee, a group of jackoons and monkeys decided to spam FB! =P

At that's it for yesterday! =D Went home and pig-ed on the bed! =D

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