Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Coming Up?

Hey moths, miss me?

Sorry for slacking, didn't really had the mood to blog. =D

Anyways incase you're wondering, my life is alright so far.

Full of rotting and boredoms.

Never end I guess for a kid who's having holiday now?

Anyways miracles? Gifts? Didn't work afterall.

It's abit disappointing but yea I got to understand. =)

Not easy tolerating but I'll do anything and I mean it anything to tolerate.

Things might go down at times but i'll never give up! =D

Anyways I've learned lessons from it!

It takes full patients and sincerity to gain a person's love and trust.

It takes willingness to build a better relationship.

When things go to a low, never ever give up!

Just keep yourself neutral, stay cool and continue what you've wished and decided for.

Anyways it's a decision that i'll never regret?


Because she digged out this special feeling that I thought i've lost it.

Thanks for digging it out =)

Muacks! =D

Anyways New Year is coming and I guess i'm heading for countdowns again?

If only you could join? Sadly she has to celebrate her best bud's birthday.


And I believe God will give me a good year despite everything that i've been through.

It's been more than a year now and I guess i'm growing better from that sad horror.




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Much Becomes Too Little.

Hey gays, miss me?


Anyways I suddenly had the mood to blog, its more about sharing to make yourself feel better?

Days been passing glance and I only see her in memories still.

It's so near but it felt so far!

I guess I've put my hopes too high. Always ending up with disappointments.

Thought I could make it a gift.

Thought I could make it something special in the merriest coming days.

I've stabbed myself hard and everytime it gets close to dead, i'll remind myself, patient's a virtue, hold on!


I can be counselor huh?

Holding myself with pieces of small meaningful advices.

I guess i'm pretty impatient?



Anyways, want to thank the people around me for supports. My family at most especially!

My mom's like more excited than me?

She's always talking to me about it and i'm like "it's super cool to have such mom!"

Yea, she likes teasing and disturbing me as well which is fairly good and funny.

In fact, my whole family love teasing me.

Cool family! With you guy's sense of humor, it's old school but still funny with the expressions you guys gave!


Love you all loads!

Guess I need to start putting hopes into moderate pace cause I only have inadequate holds and strengths in emotion to this.


Haha I actually do have formidable holds and strengths but i'm still a human right?

Human's goes low at times!


And yea, I had a conversation with my twin and my mom.

My mom's told me, don't you feel awkward driving my old car around on dates and stuffs?

I'm like, at least it's better than my junkie damaged car!

My twin came in "Yea, with all the CLAK CLAK sound!"

Mom joined in a sudden "Yea driving that car on your date? You'll most probably won't be seeing her around already."

I'm shocked "MOM!"


My mom is pretty sporting! So pardon her, she even interrogated my friend who just had a girlfriend and we're like laughing loud in my room!


I guess i'm actually already grateful to have a car to move around!


Old or new, as long it moves and it's in perfect condition right?


I think that's it?

I'm in a dead zone now, was having hyperthermia in Eugene's last night and cause of that, I didn't manage to sleep.

Don't have any long cotton to cover myself so I had to fold myself and cover myself with 3 freezing pillows.

Works a little tho.

Woke up darn early and captain ball.

It was okay?

I guess.

So yea whole day out and night i'm still awake with no sleep at all.


It's 2.30am now, I should sleep before i'm zombiefied again.

My last sentence for this post,

Let me see her in reality please? No more wondering with her in memories.

Pretty please and thanks.

Nights folks.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Behind the lines.

I guess most of you readers know I left my previous church for some particular reasons?

Firstly, to those out there blogging bout my family cursing em' and I, I guess you're not qualified to be a christian huh?


Dear blinds and deafs, this post is for you all and its called the commandments for dummies! Yes you dummies! =P

I thought I might ignore you people but I had to admit, I do miss the memories and funs with you guys but I guess you guys gotta know this, shut up if you all don't know what's going on behind your back alright, those who wrote 'you and your family shall reap what you sowed', I guess thou shall reap what thou sowed too huh?

Didn't know the commandments in the bible taught us to curse and blame others for what's happening in your life?

Grow up!

Read the Bible!

I don't really read bible and yes I admit but I at least note myself to the important commandments and act to it!

Moreover, bible taught us to bring people to God!

Calling yourselves a Christian?

You don't even deserve the title Christian!


Cause you don't act like one!

You don't think like one!

All the things that that church teach is curse curse curse the rebels!

You call that Christian act?


P.S. I'm still praying for y'all the see the truth and if you take my actions the wrong way, that's your business, I was just trying to help.


I guess you guys gotta know that GOD IS STILL WITH MY FAMILY!




Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Wish for the Best Gift =)

Dear God,

I know You're listening to every thoughts in my heart.

Everywords counts and I humbly confess those words are honest and sincere words.


All I want for this year Christmas is

I don't have to tell You here right God because I believe You know who already.


If I were to get her as a gift for this year Christmas, i'll receive her as a gift of a lifetime, a gift from God, a blessing from God!


A blessing that is more than enough, blessing that I'd always wanted and waiting for.


Dear God, before I end my wish here, I would love to thank You for bringing her to my life.



Dear Retard,

You're always special to me. Everything we shared about last night its all true and sincere.


I just want to let you know that you're a special girl that gave me this special feelings.


And also I know you're a gift from God to me.


Words can't explain it all and all I need is a person to love, to cherish and to treasure.

I got countless of love to give.



You're not retarded!

I actually have different definition of retard for you =P


You're special!


That's it!


If the wishes here is granted, i'll treasure it as a memory of a lifetime.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

when boredom strikes

Yes, hello there! I'm Mr. Boring and I love getting bored.


I tried making an effort but was hoping that you'll make an effort instead to bring us out.

Cuz every effort I made, its always down.

Hmmmmm.........*blows wind*


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When Noises Runs Away and Return.

Hey moths, here's what I want.

I want another Silent Night, So that I can see the Shining Star.

After that, I don't want anymore Silent Day and Night when I see the Shining Star.

I don't need no light or sun when I see the Shining Star because She brightens my day.

Now, I only wish to see Shining Star soon and destroy the Silence!

And also to cherish and to hug and to spread love with.

Why is this star purple? =O

Oh well. =)

OUT! =)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Silent Night

Hello homo's!

Yes and yes and yes I brought her for the DUMC Madworld Christmas concert and we obviously do have abit of the awkward moment, I too felt it. =D

I tried fighting my guts and had to through the got-or-no guts war in me just to try hard to make you feel okay but sorry, they got snipers and guns and all the ranged weapons, I only had knifes and daggers, super melee weapons. =D

But glad that I finally get to meet her? Like only God knows how long. =D

Was quite disappointed with myself for making her feeling awkward and a little lonely? =/

Sorry!!! =)

But yea glad she enjoyed the production. =)

And, that night is gonna be the first memory. =)

As usual, pictures will do the talking. =D

Lazy me telling stories for A-Z. =P

Had our dinner at Jaya 33 =)

I don't know what was I mumbling bout, just like grumpy old little man =D

Group pic and evidently the mirror confused the focus =D

Candid? Yea I looked ugly here =D

Sorry, just gotta show some ugly pose =P

Another ugly one? Oh wait, I looked COOL HERE! =P LOL

Hey! I realized her smile didn't change! reminds me of mannequin man =P

Yea, I was a little shy =P

Group picture! People I brought =) Not a pimp! =D

Sorry, I just need some time out to hold my guts so silly pose is probably the best way to hold my guts? Lalala =D

Another group picture! This time without Krystal, and thanks CNU! Credits to you! And also you too alright Isaac, tho the picture didn't turn out as good as CNU's =P hehe

Sexy backs and fronts? =D And side? O.O Look at Carolyn! =P

So I guess that's it, headed to mamak at Center Point! Boy oh boy their service sucks!

Head home after that and glad everything went not-perfectly well but still ok right? =D

And sorry again for the awkward moments! =D

Cheers =)

Looking forward to show our crazy sides together =P bwahaha.

And yes! Mom bought my twin brother and I a laptop each! Yeehaa! Can't wait for it! =)

And bought a maxis number today just for her =D

BUT! MAXIS IS BEING A MEANIE TO ME! RAWR! ITS NOT WORKING! AFTER SO MANY EFF-ing TRIES BUT STILL DIDN'T WORK! If its not working tomorrow, that's it i'm screwing maxis! =/


Friday, December 3, 2010


Totally speechless with everything now. =l

Hmmmm. =l


Awesome, just awesome.


A bit of disappointment now.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Words can never say how happy am I now!


Can't wait for this friday night!

Byes! =D