Monday, January 3, 2011

If and only if

Hey homo's, sorry for slacking alot!

And I mean it!

And yea, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!

Thing's pretty okay I guess?

But the new year's eve celebration was the best one so far!

Thank you guys for making not my day but my night! =D

Anyways, it was one heck of the night cuz we saw Colby O'Donis performed and it was heck great!

The best part is, we went for supper at the same place after the whole event!

It was soo awesome!

Haha didn't know I could get really close to him but wooohooo!

And I didn't snap any picture with him cuz I was actually kinda down.

Things didn't go as planned, not for the group but for myself >.<

Sometimes it's abit hard to know situations around right?

Maybe I should just close the curtain of my stained glass masquerade?

Yea, for the better right?

I don't want any things to go in between us that'll cause all kinds of shits.

My prayers is,

Dear God, i'm totally clueless at times. I just need you to show me the way. Please help me! And please take full care of her too! Thank You!

Things pretty okay at times and goes low too at times but it's tolerable tho my mood can go down at times but yea, i'll just bare with it.

World's ain't bout me but its about everyone living on earth but in my world, it's about you and me.

Take care alright?
And cheer up!

And that's it! =D

Sorry for the dusty blog, i'm getting lazier. =D

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