Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ways of life.

Looking at my life now, I just realized my life is a lot different compare to loads of normal humans!

Do I like it?

Baby I like It! - Enrique Iglesias!

Nopes, not really. I don't really like it, not all because I actually like some part of my life.

So yeah! My life is;
mysterious! It's full of unknown ends and different roads compare to other humans.

And my life too is also;
Okay, that's weird. And yea weird.

I assume most of y'all might DENY but what can you see when you're not in my shoe? I typed as if i've been to other people's shoe before huh.


I mean based on how I see and hear how a person live, and another human, and another homosapien, and another gay, and another lesbian, and another moth.

Yea, comparing all, they all have similarities and mine is just near to close.

So I just realize! My life works in a mysterious and weird ways! Calling me a mystery and a weird man alright! =D

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