Saturday, March 5, 2011


In a world of love, theres 3 types of choices who to be with. First choice is of course the easiest and the best, choose the person who loves you and you love them back too.

Second and third choice will be the hardest. Choosing the ones who loves you but you don't love them or choosing the ones you love but they don't love you.

First criteria. Both sides can make each another happy because they love one another. But it is quite impossible to find the ones who loves you and you love them, maybe it's possible too. =D
cartoon of couple hugging, man is trying to watch TV, woman is trying to kiss him

Second criteria. They can make you happy because they loved you but can you make them happy? That's a little selfish for you =P

Third criteria. You can make them happy because you love them but can they make you happy? That's a little selfish for them =P Guess who sketched this picture =D

So yea, life is hard to decide. =D
But you still have to decide.
Just a slight update! =D
P.S. I'm not the one who sketched that third picture. =D

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