Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's on my mind right now?
I just can't sleep.
Sometimes I wonder why am I still thinking about her.
Maybe because she used to mean a lot to me?
I don't know.

It's been almost 3 months we've never spoken.
It is still tough going through days with her in my mind.

Thinking about it,
I actually kinda forgotten, what separates us?

And what did it go wrong?
I used to blame everything on myself for what had happened but now,
I just don't know?
And whenever I think about it, it struck me in my heart.

I don't know if it's normal but things still lingers around my mind.
And my heart felt it.

Sometimes I just don't know what to feel.

Yea, I still miss her.
But I guess that's not wrong right?

It still bothers me.

The feeling of wanting to hold you in my arms...