Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Regarding the previous post,
Things went...erm...
I don't know...
At least I tried? Heh.


Happy Chinese New Year everybody!
May you prosper well throughout the year and enjoy your holidays!
May Ang Paos won't stop flowing throughout the CNY week!
Amen! LOL!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Releasing what's trapped

Hoolaa people.
Sister is back from Australia for a month!
Super happy to see her again!
Welcome back sister!

Here's the main thing.
I finally realize what has been troubling my heart.
I read my heart and it told me everything.
I really need to do something to make myself feel better.

So yea, I want to make amend.
Started the first move.
Now i'm just waiting for a reply.

Finger's crossed that it'll turn out good.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!

I'm finally back to blogging!
Miss me?!
Been months!


I had been thinking about it throughout the year 2011 and what is that 'it'? Please continue reading to find out!


I had my reasons why I shut my blog for long. Last year was good but there were something that totally, I wouldn't call it ruin or destroy. Can't really describe it in words, some feelings are just indescribable. But yea, it totally led me down in my relationship life.

I swore I was in love but maybe because I was too stupid and silly, I actually literally killed myself real hard inside. Truthfully I still have feelings for her but I guess what's done is done.

It's been quite long, almost a year now.

I had an awesome New Year's Eve celebration with a group of favorite people today. One of them kinda told me about her being in a relationship. It kinda struck me but I felt proud because I managed to poker face. I took the challenge not to remind myself about her, it was a tough war but I managed to conquer it a little. Hehe.

I'm sure you readers can pick up the reason why I shut my blog already right? Hehe.

So here's what i've been thinking.

I don't really care and i'm actually really tired of trying to go for someone real bad. So yea, when it comes it comes. I might be a little flirtatious though but that doesn't mean i'm trying to go after you.

I have my reasons why I don't really care because i've been single all my life and I guess i just got too used to being single. Moreover i'm glad I have my family and friends that can spark up my life and make it more adventurous! Thanks guys for existing. lol. Thank God for them too!

So here it is, 2012. I wish this year will actually lighten up this area of my life. A bad wish? Maybe.

It's really late though, it's 4.45 AM!

Before ending this post, I would totally love to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a blessed one and my best wish to you all!