Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Adventure of Marcia

I haven't really talk about my dog in this blog right?

My family kinda bought a puppy and she's been with us for about 7 months now.

Her name, Marcia. =)

This was when we first brought her back. She was so terrified, she hid under the cupboard!

This was after a few days.

That's uhm, her size. I was hoping for a bigger one because I like big dogs...=|

This is her...compound?

Sometimes when she gets naughty, I kinda erm...punish her this way? This is not an animal abuse okay! She wasn't hurt! In fact, she looks really comfortable there! O.O

Kinda lucky that I managed to capture this picture! Adorable much? =)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! The lighting and the focus! And it's a compact camera! ;)

Just look at her size T.T. That Golden Retriever belongs to my uncle and that little one is my...

...hero? But I still love her lots! =)

Her size might look normal now but as she grow, she grows longer instead. And that short legs. She's like a sausage dog! But still super athletic!

Oh yeah, she went hiking when she was only like 3 months old!

Dogs day out! She's 5 month old that time.

Adorable aight!

Let me show you some of her sleeping postures!

She looks really cute here right?! But...

...Not This...

And definitely not this!


This was her day out at Desa Park City, look how much fun she had!

Lots of people are jealous of her huge ears, d'awwww! =P

She's sleeping like a boss! That's my blanket and pillow, give me back you bitch! =P

If you ever wonder what breed she is, she's a mix Yorkshire Terrier and Schnaunzer.
People call em' Snorkie!

Anyway, that's about it!

Good night!


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