Friday, March 23, 2012

Went Taman Desa Park today for basketball,
too bad the lights were off so Michelle and I decided to jog.

Jog for a round 
and later sprint another round 
and later jog another 
and after that I went punctured.


Anyway it was one chilly night!
Loves the gang but not all were there.

Right time to actually chill out because it calms me from life.


And someone commented about me being too loyal.


Hehe =)

Carolyn and Michelle, the emo gang =P

Jack, the smoker. If you know him, encourage him to stop smoking kay? =D

Daniel, the horniest guy in the gang. Beware people! =)

Me? On the right =)

Michelle was changing in my car and sweet enough to give me her jeans but unfortunately I can't fit.

Anyway, it was a nice night out.

Nothing much though but

it was something to cool myself down.


Night people!

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