Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can be really weird at times.
Lost in thoughts and dreams.

It is not easy being a human that has to go through shits around.
Living in denial.

I can look strong from the outside,
what about the inside?

I'm not that weak after all
but there is a limit to everything

Sometimes or perhaps most of the times I
really don't know what to do.

Moving on is just a simple sentence
but definitely ain't easy at all.

Things i've gone through in my life,
thing i've lost.

Lost the people that I loved dearly.


Those time are definitely over.

Not that I gave up on finding them back again,
I just don't want to let it ruin my life.

I managed to go through life without them.
Weren't easy at all but heck yea.

We can't just erase people that's been
with us since an infant.


Back to what I wanted
to write about.

Life has been fairly good to me.
Totally thank God for that!

The main topic is actually about
a girl.

I am so in love with her that I
always thought about her every day and night.

It's been for close to 2 years?

Our status?

Don't ask.

We actually didn't contact for about a year
due to some emotional times we used to had.

Finally we kept in touch,
honestly it was pretty awkward.

But the feelings for her still remain
though it has been quite sometime.

Things are pretty smooth
I guess?

I actually don't know if our stories continue
or it ends here.

I am confuse.



I obviously wish to be with her,
but time will tell.

And I wouldn't want to
use force for us to be together
or not.

But as I grow, I control my
emotions way better than before.

Effect of growing up eh?

Anyway people,
you may want them to be with you.

But if they don't want,don't force.
Forcing won't prove anything.

You may not give up,
but there are limits you know.

Don't kill yourself over this,
you still have your own life to go on.

Your on happy live to move along!


P.S. Dear you, 
I do really want to talk to you
but I just don't know how.
Silly me right?

P.S.S. I miss you alot!  =(

P.S.S.S. Remember to start 
your day with a smile!  =)

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