Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post relieve, I'm back.

Guess what, I'm back to blogging! Suddenly I just feel like typing my thoughts and feelings out, again. Probably because I'm not used to sharing my feelings to others. Or probably because no one has given me the comfort to share it out, yet.

Anyway, life has been pretty fair to me. Surviving through all obstacles in life, slowly.

My education has been pretty good, surviving it with decent grades. I should thank God that I'm still surviving knowing how weak I am in education. I'm just more on a practical side.

Yeap, no girl yet. Sometimes I wonder why the people around me are being quite pushy about me finding a girl?

Honestly, I would go after a girl if I'm interested but I just haven't found any yet.

Well, I'm actually into a girl whom I've met in a party. After knowing her a little, she's pretty different from quite a number of girls I've known. She's actually pretty interesting. And I got her number, yay! Sadly, there's always a 'but'.

Recently, I went for a drink with a few friends including the host of the party that night I met the girl. I found out that they've been seeing each other lately, can't really confirm their status though.

I honestly don't know what to feel but to keep myself straight and be neutral about it. Thankfully I didn't put my hopes high on it but sometimes when the feeling comes, it is way beyond our control. I really don't know what to do but let's just hope for the best.

Out at 5 a.m.
Good night.

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